Brooklyn Nets: Breaking Down the Hottest Gear of Brooklyn-Bound Nets

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 27, 2012

Photo Credit: Fast Co Design
Photo Credit: Fast Co Design

Slowly, but surely, the select few that consider themselves New Jersey Nets fans will freak out as the team takes its talents to Brooklyn. Today is one of those days, as pictures of the apparel have been leaked. 

It's time break down the ins and outs of the swagger for the Brooklyn Nets, a team whose jerseys will soon be uncovered. 

For now, we will take a few pictures of their shirts and hats as enough to satiate our craving for new NBA styles. 

Pictures taken via Twitter Feed of Paul Lukas aka UniWatch

Wow Factor: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: UniWatch
Photo Credit: UniWatch

These things have a great wow factor, but not in a Miami Marlins, "good god what is that?" sort of way.

The simple logo and black and white colorway is pure smooth. This gear will go with anything, but the small tweak to the design makes these stand out in all the right places.

I am eager to see what the uniforms look like because the apparel is already a hit.  

Design: 9 out of 10

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Photo Credit: UniWatch
Photo Credit: UniWatch

First off, it's hard to grade an entire line of apparel. For such an occasion it's best to stick to the logo and possibilities it presents. 

There are some hits on the shelves here, and a miss. The logo with a backward hat is a little hackneyed for my taste, but nowhere near horrible.

The simple and classic look of the logo leaves a ton that can be done in the future. I am loving the future for Brooklyn's swagger. 

Overall Swag Grade: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: UniWatch
Photo Credit: UniWatch

The only problem with these things is that they are but an aperitif for a main meal craving. I need more, and i want it now. 

We will have to wait for Monday for the "brand identity" to be revealed, but this is more than enough to hold us over. 

The logo and colorway is pure winning. Now if they can just translate that to the court, we will really have something here. 

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