WWE Blast from the Past: Looking Back at Old-School Merchandise

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIApril 23, 2012

WWE Blast from the Past: Looking Back at Old-School Merchandise

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    It's time to kick back and take a look at some old-school WWF merchandise!

    Some of you might remember these items from catalogs, or if you were like me, you probably owned some of these items.

    Lets have some fun and take a trip down memory lane, as we look at some of the best and worst from the WWF Merchandise Catalogs.

    Also, please leave comments and let us know which WWF merchandise you had back in the dayโ€”or still haveโ€”and which you consider your favorites.

Nothing Says WWF Pride Like a Big Puffy Hat!

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    Decked out in all kinds of WWF swag, this duo looks like they are ready for whatever comes their way.

    The nylon pullover is actually pretty cool looking. I wouldn't mind wearing that today.

    I wonder if there was some kind of rule in the early 80s where your shorts had to be way above your knees.

    Tennis, anyone?

WWF Winter Hat

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    For those cold days and nights, the WWF had you covered with this stylish winter hat, complete with big fuzzy ball on top.

    Not a fan of the fuzzy ball, but I do like the colors on this hat.

    I wonder if Vince used to wear this hat on cold winter days in Stamford.

USA Express!

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    What we have here is a classic U.S. Express T-Shirt, representing the tag team of Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda.

    For those Captain Lou Albano fans out there, you could also get yourself a Captain Lou shirt!

    Is that Jim Carrey modeling Captain Lou's shirt?

Hulkamania Is Running Wild!

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    Wow. There must be something about 1985 and big puffy hats. I never actually saw anyone wearing this Hulk Hogan painters cap, but here it is in all its puffy glory.

    Hogan had plenty of merchandise for sale in the 1980s.

    I like both T-shirts here, but that hat is hideous.

The Killer Bees

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    Fans of the 1980s World Wrestling Federation will remember this dynamic duo known as The Killer Bees. Here they are modeling their first, and probably last, WWF T-shirt.

    I don't recall these being hot sellers.


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    Here we have a young Stephanie McMahon modeling the Matilda T-shirt.

    Matilda was the mascot for the tag team known as The British Bulldogs.

    Anyone else think Steph looks like Punky Brewster?

"Ooooooh Yeeeeah"

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    Macho Madness is running wild!

    Hats, wristbands, shirts, glasses, mugs, you name it, and WWF had merchandise with Macho Man's likeness on it.

    I wish I had that shirt!

    You think it's too late to place an order in the 1989 WWF Catalog?

    Macho Man was without a doubt one of the most charismatic and popular superstars of all time.

Ultimate Warrior Jacket

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    The catalog description says "wear this jacket and all eyes will be on you and the Ultimate Warrior."

    Ladies and Gentlemen, they're not lying when they say that. I had this jacket and was initially thrilled about purchasing it at the Meadowlands Arena when I attended a live WWF event. What happened the next day at school, though, forced my Ultimate Warrior jacket into permanent retirement.

    Perhaps I will write an article here on the ordeal I suffered when I wore this jacket to school the day after purchasing it.

The Original WWF Action Figures

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    Here they are folks. This batch of figures is where it all started for WWF Action Figures. This was the first assortment ever created, and the first WWF toy ring ever created.

    These figures were pretty heavy and solid, and eventually the WWF switched to small plastic figures.


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    The LOD proudly displaying their awesome T-shirt.

    The LOD shoulder pads were a big seller for the WWF back in the early 90s.

    Can you imagine if the WWE still sold these retro shirts?

LOD Wrestling Buddies

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    Wrestling Buddies!

    These were iconic for WWF toys back in the late 80s early 90s.

    Come on, let's hear it, how many of you had WWF Wrestling Buddies back in the day?

Before Hulkamania

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    Shortly before "Hulkamania" was running wild, the WWF began to test the merchandising waters with this release of T-shirts.

    Bob Backlund, Don Muraco and Rocky Johnson, proudly display these WWF original shirts.

    Notice that awesome yellow Andre shirt? Wow.

WWF Ice Cream Bars

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    Everyone's favorite!

    The iconic WWF Ice Cream Bars!

    Last year, CM Punk demanded that the WWE begin production on a new line of ice cream bars, but unfortunately that never happened. At least we all have fond memories of running to the ice cream truck to purchase these awesome bars and hope our favorite wrestler would be on the cookie.

Classic WWF Lunchbox

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    Classic WWF Lunchbox featuring Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Piper and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

    I was once the proud owner of this lunch box, which also included a thermos with a big WWF logo on it.

WWF Ties?

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    Wow, I didn't even know WWF made ties back in the day.

    I had the gym bag, but basically just used it to cart my wrestling figures around.


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    Last but not least, that's me as a very young Hulkamaniac showing off my Hulk Hogan T-shirt and, for some reason, Fireman boots.

    I hope you all enjoyed this brief trip down WWF memory lane.


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