Boston Marathon 2012 Results: Top Finishes for Notable Names

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IApril 16, 2012

The sun shone over the great city of Boston on April 16, 2012, but the race still went on. That race was the famed 2012 Boston Marathon.

Many notable names competed in the event, but the extreme heat caused many to think twice about continuing. 

It was so bad that the Marathon offered runners a deferment into next year's race if they had to withdraw this year. 

But it wasn’t all bad in Boston. 

Here are the times for notable names that competed in the Marathon. 

Wesley Korir- 2:12:40 

Ladies and gentleman, meet your 2012 Boston Marathon winner. Korir battled the heat to finish on top of the podium this year. 

The Kenyan fiercely battled the heat and a strong onslaught of contenders to take home the crown. Sadly, his time of 2 hours, 12 minutes and 40 seconds was the second-slowest winning time at the Boston Marathon since 1985. 

The main factor to this slow time was the heat; it was just too hot. The temperatures reached the 80s. Running 26.2 miles is a great feet in any amount of heat, but doing it when Mother Earth is against you is remarkable. 

Sharon Cherop- 2:31:50 

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Another Kenyan won the women’s division at the 2012 Boston Marathon when Sharon Cherop finished the race with an unofficial time of 2 hours, 31 minutes and 50 seconds. 

It may have been the slowest winning time in the Boston Marathon since 1985, but the women’s race provided a great deal of excitement. 

Jemima Jelagat Sumgong and Cherop were right with each other with 600 meters left in the race, but Cherop got a sudden spark and took off. Sumgong wouldn’t go down without a fight, though. The fellow Kenyan had one more spring in her and pulled within two seconds of the lead. 

In the end, Cherop won out on an incredibly hot day. 

Tedy Bruschi- 5:26:02

As a New England Patriots fan, I was incredibly proud to see former superstar Tedy Bruschi announce he was going to run the 2012 Boston Marathon. 

He is running for stroke awareness, research and recovery. 

The 13-year NFL veteran says it better then I could when he told ESPN:

After my stroke in 2005, I started an organization called Tedy’s Team in partnership with the American Stroke Association. Our runners who run the Boston Marathon would ask me when I was going to run but I was always playing football. A marathon was just something I couldn’t even fathom accomplishing. Then I retired and they kept asking when I would do it. Climbing Kilimanjaro last year made me think about things that I could accomplish physically even though I was no longer in the NFL. After I got off that mountain, I told my runners I would attempt to run the Boston Marathon.

Good on you Tedy! 

Jason Hartmann- 2:14:31

Hartmann was the top American finisher at the 2012 Boston Marathon. He finished fourth with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 31 seconds. 

Hartmann is from Boulder, Colorado and represented America well. The day was hot and he pulled through with an amazing performance. 

Lots of the time, Marathon runners are considered less of an athlete then a football or basketball player, but Hartmann was able to run in a country where running is not the most popular sport. 

Today. everyone who finished the race overcame immense odds in there own right. 

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