Kentucky Wins the 2012 NCAA National Championship: Brow Down to Anthony Davis

Kathleen So@@kathleensoCorrespondent IIApril 5, 2012

Anthony Davis blocks Kansas State's shot
Anthony Davis blocks Kansas State's shotRonald Martinez/Getty Images

The NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship game on Monday night left us with all the more reason to acclaim Anthony Davis' level of play, as well as his iconic brow. But all eyebrow jokes aside, Davis certainly raised a few. 

Kentucky dominated the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Monday night, resulting in a 67-59 victory for the Wildcats. Davis contributed only six of those 67 points, but his presence on the court brought the Big Blue Nation on top. Davis, who usually scores in the double-digits, focused more on defensive play. With 16 rebounds and six blocks, he had his hands on everything. The 6'10, 220 lb Forward is silent but aggressive.

When he plays, he brings the entire team into the game. With the constant talk of Davis entering the upcoming 2012 Draft, maybe that's just what the NBA needs. And with the holy trifecta that is LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, maybe the NBA is looking for a little more brow, and a little less diva.

I won't go into the LeBron bashing here because I'm not sure if I'll be able to wrap it up in time, kind of like LeBron in the 4th quarter—sorry, I had to. But seriously, we've heard it all, and I try to keep my stories short, so let’s continue with Davis.

What NBA scouts should pay attention to is Davis' ability to read the court and share the play. He's not afraid to shoot, but more importantly, he's not afraid to pass the ball in order to make a smarter play. At times, like in the National Championship, he won't put up many points. However, he'll make the lesser-noticed plays on the court, with a rebound here and a steal there.

He dominates defensively, teaching us that there is more to Davis than his gravity-defying, one-handed dunk.  He is always up on both the offensive and defensive rebounds, and he can read passes. He’s been the clear favorite for the No. 1 draft pick, and we can see why. Davis brings momentum that infects the entire team. Looking past the bold brow and almost 7-foot frame, he is as humble as he is silent. When he was asked during the championship ceremony what this win meant to him, he brushed right over it and talked about what the game meant to the team as a whole.

If the NBA is looking for a strong defensive player who will bring as much positive media attention as TebowTime or Linsanity, here he is folks: Anthony Davis.

In the Battle of the Blues, Kentucky deserved the win. And now, they have some heavy recruiting to do. Anthony Davis fans will now have to cheer for him in the NBA (I am predicting, most likely as a Bobcat), and Coach John Calipari will have to find some strong replacements.

Good luck Coach Cal, that is one big brow to fill.