Sarah Spain: The Sweetheart of Chicago Sports

Logan Rhoades@@LoganRhoadesContributor IIApril 4, 2012

With enough athletic ability to make Bo Jackson jealous, an ever-increasing role at ESPN and an infectious personality, Sarah Spain has become the sweetheart of Chicago sports.

After fine-tuning her talents as a host, actor, writer and associate producer in Los Angeles for six years, Sarah moved back to the Chicago area in 2008 to report and write about the teams she grew up loving. Since then, she has become the top female writer for Chicago sports and a fan-favorite anchor and co-host for ESPN 1000.

The reason behind her success is simple: She is a ridiculously talented fan.

It’s no secret that Chicago folk are passionate about their sports teams. And, in most cases, they are quite open about their feelings towards a specific player, coach or team. Everyone’s a critic, everyone has an opinion and they all know exactly what they’re talking about. So, naturally, it becomes difficult to filter out fact from fiction.

Which is where Spain comes into play.

Spain has proven to be a reliable source for all things ‘go, while still managing to act like you would if you were in her position. She’s like the girl next door, except she can beat you in sports jeopardy and probably in a foot race.

As a fan herself, she knows what other fans are interested in knowing and anxious to hear, so she delivers accordingly. Whether it’s as simple as re-tweeting breaking news or providing an inside analysis of what’s really going on behind the scenes, Spain is on top of it.

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But perhaps what people admire most about Spain is her sensibility. She may hold the titles of reporter, anchor and writer, but it’s her inner fan that stands out. Or rather, stands up and cheers. It's easy to report on a certain team in any given game, but it's quite another to know the ins and outs of your team's roster and analyze the game from that standpoint. And that is what sets Spain apart from other sports personalities. It's more than just a game to Spain; it's personal.

As an integral part of espnW, Spain’s fame will likely grow beyond the skyscrapers of the Windy City. She’s already become infamous for being a part of the “venom suck heard ‘round the world,” involving Michelle Beadle and the leg of Linda Cohn, but it’s Spain’s personality that will take her to greater fame.

Until that time comes, though, Chicago is happy to claim her as their sweetheart. And, to be honest, they'd like to keep it that way.