Michelle Beadle: ESPN Anchor Shocks World by Sucking Rattlesnake Venom

Matt FaulconerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2011

Did this really happen?

Apparently ESPN anchors Michelle Beadle, Linda Cohn and Sarah Spain all decided to go on a hike through the desert when disaster struck.

Cohn, the city girl from New York, was bit on the leg by a rattlesnake according to Yahoo! Sports, putting her life in danger.

Good thing Beadle was on hand. Beadle is from Texas and at some point in her life underwent some training on how to suck venom out of a snake bite.

Spain was quite proud of Beadle, while Beadle claims anyone would have done the same thing for Cohn.

It was quite an honorable thing for Beadle to do. Whether she thinks she is a hero or not, she certainly saved a friend's life.

This could have proven to be a real disaster. If Beadle wasn't there, who knows what would have happened to Cohn. Without Beadle's training, things might not have worked out as well for Cohn.

This could have been a tragedy of epic proportions, but Beadle was there to save that day.

After watching Beadle host SportsNation for years, who would have thought she knew how to suck venom out of a snake bite? I sure wouldn't have, and it's doubtful that many other ESPN viewers would have had any idea that she knew how to do this.

This was truly a miracle for Cohn and she should be thankful that she is in good health after this unfortunate event.