San Francisco 49ers Nike Uniforms: Grading New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent IApril 3, 2012

San Francisco 49ers Nike Uniforms: Grading New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

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    The San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new Nike uniforms today as the NFL switches from Reebok jerseys to Nike ones starting in the upcoming 2012 season.

    Let's grade the new home and away 49ers uniforms, as well as the new pants, gloves, and cleats.

    Note: The new away 49ers jersey from Nike has not been released yet. When it is, check back here for pictures and analysis.

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Home Jersey: A

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    The San Francisco 49ers' overall design of their home jerseys hasn't changed too much throughout their history, and Nike did a fine job of maintaining this traditional style.

    The collar style is new and works well with the jersey. The stripes on the side of the jersey are also well-designed. Even the font of the numbers is sleek and modern-looking.

    Nike kept original feel of the 49ers jersey intact, which was a really smart move on their part. 

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Away Jersey: Not Yet Available

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    The 49ers' new away jersey from Nike has not been revealed, but I imagine it will be pretty much the same as the home one, only the main color will be white of course.

    When a photo is unveiled, we will have it for you right here.

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Pants: B+

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    The 49ers pants haven't changed much at all from what they were last year. They look a bit more sharp and sleeker, but for the most part the traditional style is the same.

    Some designs just aren't worth changing, which is certainly the case here. Nike did a nice job on these 49ers pants.

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Gloves: B+

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    These gloves, unveiled by team Digital Media Coordinator Taylor Price, are really awesome and I'm sure wide receiver Michael Crabtree will love wearing them.

    The classic 49ers logo on the outside of the glove is awesome, and it was well placed on the item as well. The one thing Nike could have done better here is the design on the fingers. 

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Cleats: A+

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    These have to be the freshest cleats in football. Nike did a fantastic job with the San Francisco 49ers' cleats for the upcoming season.

    The color scheme is perfect and the shades of red and gold are rich with color. The choice of red laces over gold laces was also a fine choice because having the laces gold would bring too much of that color into the cleat.

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