Seahawks Nike Uniforms: Grading Seattle's New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2012

Seahawks Nike Uniforms: Grading Seattle's New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

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    The NFL has unveiled its new uniforms made by Nike for the 2012, and the Seattle Seahawks certainly have an interesting new look. 

    With some bright colors, the Seahawks are really going to stand out, but they're not the only team that it's a little out there with the fresh design. 

    To view the entire spread of the Seahawks' new jerseys, you'll have to check out their team page here. There are nine different variations of the new uniforms in Seattle. 

    Keep reading on as I discuss the new look and hand out grades for the new 2012 home, away and alternate jerseys for the Seahawks. 


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    These might just be the best part of the Seahawks' new uniforms. 

    The gloves pop out and of course have the team bird logo represented when placed together. It's a very creative idea that Nike excels at and, in this instance, it's another smash hit. 

    You may not like the bright color, but it's just gloves, so not every player will be wearing them. 

    Grade: B+ 

Away Jersey

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    The lime green, yellowish color brings a great deal of brightness as it highlights the numbers, which is a common theme for Seahawks' new uniforms. 

    It's a little much for my taste, but drop a comment to give me your thoughts on it. 

    The real story here is that design on the pants comes from Northwest Native American art, which is really cool. 

    However, the white overpowers the rest of the uniform, which hurts them in my grade. 

    Grade: C+ 

Home Jersey

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    This is a lot of blue, but it's not all that terrible. 

    What is sort of an eye sore, though, is the craziness of the pants. The Northwest Native American art design is a fantastic idea, but putting it that color really crushes it. 

    They're trying to make it stand out, and it does, but certainly not in a good way. Still, the overall home look for Seattle is pretty rockin'. 

    Grade: B

Alternate Uniform

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    Nike is preaching that these new uniforms are lighter and tighter, which will make it harder for opposing players to tackle the ball-carrier. 

    With this alternate jersey close up, fans can see the thin look of the uniform. 

    Seahawks fans will also see it's similar to the road jersey but a bit darker.

    Again, the highlighting of the numbers is too much for me, but I do like the slate grey look. Although in the pictures, it's paired with lighter pants, and I think it would look best with the dark blues. 

    Hey, at least it's a thousand times better than this atrocious look

    Grade: B

Different Combos

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    This is one different combination of jerseys by the Seahawks; the others can be seen here.

    If you click on that link, you'll see the variations of grey tops and blue pants, as well as white tops with grey pants and grey tops with white pants. 

    Hopefully Seattle wears the pictured combo much more than the other ones, simply because it's the Seahawks' best look of all. 

    As I said before, the design of the pants can be an eye sore, but pairing it with the white top significantly helps the overall look. Everything just flows well together. 

    Grade: B+