New England Patriots: LaRon Landry's Medicals Were a Major Concern

Aaron Dodge@Aaron_DodgeAnalyst IApril 1, 2012

LaRon Landry was officially taken off the free agent wire on March 19th, when he signed a one-year contract with the New York Jets. With the pace of signings this offseason, this is old news by now, but more information has come to light.

We know now that the New England Patriots decided against even offering a contract once the team got a look at Landry's medical report. According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, requests for more information on Landry's troublesome Achilles "came back iffier than they expected."

Apparently, that didn't sway the Jets any.

“Anybody see LaRon Landry on tape?’’ asked head coach Rex Ryan giddily. “We feel good about him medically and everything. Wait till you see this guy. As impressive as he looks, see if he’s not knocking the tar out of everybody."

Oh, he didn't stop there. Come on now, this is Rex Ryan here.

“You put him between David Harris and Bart Scott . . . oh, I can’t wait to see those dudes on the field. There’s going to be some collisions out there.’’

Not that any sense can talked into Ryan at this point, but New York should be more concerned with getting Landry on the field rather than fantasizing who he'll be lining up with. Landry has only made 17 starts over the course of the last two seasons, missing nearly as many games in the same time frame.

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He's still young, Landry is also a proven commodity in the secondary when healthy, and yes his upper arm may weigh more than my entire body. None of this takes away from the fact that he's held together by duct tape and crossed fingers.

Landry's 2010 season was ended in Week 10 by an injury to his Achilles. A little more than a year later his 2011 season was officially over for the same reason.

Now New York is slated to pay out a maximum of $3.5 million for his services in 2012. This, after Landry refused to even have surgery for the Achilles injury in question. He instead settled for "alternative", stem cell therapy treatments against the advisement of the Redskins medical staff.

Good luck with that.

Oh and that $3.5 million? Half of it is directly based on in-game bonuses which Landy can obviously only collect if he's on the active roster. Maybe the Jets aren't as crazy as they sound.

Yeah, never mind. They probably are.

It's personnel decisions just like this that highlight the staunch differences between the two franchises. Yes the clubs were interested in the same player, and yes that player has some upside. But Landry also appears to be made out of the same material used to mold Bob Sanders—glass.

The Jets will figure that out soon enough.

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