25 of the Funniest Athlete Outfits Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 2, 2012

25 of the Funniest Athlete Outfits Ever

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    The vast majority of athletes might be ridiculously competitive and serious on the field of play, but they do have lives outside the game. Some of these guys are probably just as serious in their real lives, while others are just grown up class clowns who are willing to do just about anything for a laugh. 

    Obviously this list is focused more on the latter. Whether it be for Halloween, rookie initiation or just no reason at all, there are plenty of athletes who don't let their egos get in the way of a good time or prevent them from wearing what they want, when they want. 

    Let's take a look at 25 such athletes. 

25. Anthony Morrow, New Jersey Nets

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    I've never really got on board with the whole Angry Birds thing, but apparently the shooting guard for the New Jersey Nets, Anthony Morrow, has. If you've ever wondered if all your gold chains would look good with your Angry Birds T-shirt, the answer is no. 

24. Mike Commodore, Tampa Bay Lightning

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    So this isn't actually Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Mike Commodore donning a suit of dollar bills in bed, but apparently it's someone he knows, since I found it in his Twitter media gallery

    No word on if this kid left his Vegas hotel room in his money suit, but it probably didn't end well if he did. 

23. Santonio Holmes, New York Jets

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    New York Jets star wide receiver Santonio Holmes probably doesn't strike you as the festive, giving back for the holidays, type—but apparently he is. 

    Would you stand in line to sit on Santa-onio Claus' lap?

22. Deron Williams, New Jersey Nets

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    Disney Land (and Disney World) must really be the happiest places on earth because it always seems like parents have just as much fun, if not more, than the kids. 

    Obviously New Jersey Nets superstar point guard Deron Williams got into the spirit of the family vacation earlier this year. 

21. Mike & Mike, ESPN

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    ESPN's Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic prove you're never too old to dress up like a goofball on Halloween. Every year they try to top themselves with increasingly more elaborate costumes. 

    I'm not really a Halloween fan, but Golic as Austin Powers' villain Dr. Evil is just priceless. 

20. DeJuan Blair, San Antonio Spurs

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    San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair recently posted this photo with the accompanying caption "SWAGG WOW!!!" 

    I definitely share the second part of that sentiment—as in "WOW he looks pretty stupid." (Which I say out of love to a fellow Pitt alum) 

19. Nyjer Morgan, Milwaukee Brewers

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    At this point, I think we're all well beyond the point of trying to explain or understand anything about the Milwaukee Brewers Nyjer Morgan. Dude is just an odd duck. 

    That being said, I really never pictured Morgan (or Tony Plush) as the cowboy type. He always manages to surprise. 

18. Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

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    Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce isn't one to sit back and let his kids have all the fun. Pierce obviously likes to dress up like a goofball and it's not just limited to Halloween costumes. 

    Pierce's Twitter gallery shows that he doesn't take life too seriously and likes dressing to get a laugh on the regular. 

17. Jalen Rose, NBA Analyst

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    Retired player and current NBA analyst Jalen Rose probably doesn't still have this ridiculous red pinstriped suit in his closet, but since he wore it on his draft day in 1994, it probably has some sentimental value. 

    I realize that was almost two decades ago, but it's really hard to imagine there was ever a time when this suit would have seemed like a good idea to anyone. 

16. Chris Perez, Cleveland Indians

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    Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Chris Perez got in on the family Halloween action last year—although I wouldn't have had any idea what he was dressed as if he hadn't disclosed it. 

    Apparently he went trick-or-treating dressed as a "golfer." I know golfers take a lot of flack for dressing horribly, but I've never seen a golfer dressed this horribly. 

15. Metta World Peace, L.A. Lakers

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    Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol recently posted this photo of teammate Metta World Peace to Twitter.

    Apparently Gasol was very impressed with M.W. Peace's choice of jacket—I am less impressed. 

14. Mark Herzlich, New York Giants

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    Once you reach a certain age, the awesomeness of your Christmas gifts starts to decline each year. The decline is pretty steep and eventually it just bottoms out permanently. 

    Obviously New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich has reached the bottom—his grandma got him this combination panda hat and scarf for Christmas last year. 

13. Matt Reynolds, Colorado Rockies

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    This is the first time you will see a grown man on this list dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars, but it won't be the last. 

    Here is Colorado Rockies rookie pitcher Matt Reynolds striking a Captain Morgan pose as part of some kind of rookie hazing. 

12. Colby Armstrong, Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Toronto Maple Leafs forward Colby Armstrong posted this photo of the rookies in September, 2011. Apparently they were allowed to dress as anything, as long as "anything" was a woman, a baby or a chicken. 

    Personally, I would have gone with the chicken. That costume is seriously awesome as hell. 

11. Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants

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    San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson appeared on ESPN's College GameDay  prior to the 2012 BCS Championship Game between Alabama and LSU to give his prediction on who would emerge victorious. 

    In case you couldn't tell, Wilson picked LSU to win the game. Seriously couldn't have been more wrong on that one…worst game ever.

10. Nick Young, L.A. Clippers

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    Los Angeles Clippers forward Nick Young proved that maybe pimpin' is easy on Halloween, 2011. 

    Easy if you know where to pick up the boss threads required for the job. 

9. Rob Dyrdek, Skateboarder

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    Professional skateboarder Rob Drydek has apparently mastered invisibility…depending on the location. The right location for this to work is clearly not an office though.

8. Amar'e Stoudemire, New York Knicks

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    In recent years New York Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire has been very dedicated to exploring his Jewish lineage—even visiting Israel to gain a better understanding. 

    However, it is possible that he's beginning to take this whole thing a little too literally. 

7. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Pittsburgh Penguins superstar forward Evgeni Malkin has mastered the art of looking like a major creep. Something about a man in a silk shirt that really makes my skin crawl. 

    Don't worry about it though, I still love you Geno.

6. Glen Davis, Orlando Magic

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    Orlando Magic forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis is straight up hilarious. Pretty much every photo he posts to Twitter is either funny or adorable and they've made my day on more than one occasion. 

    The fact that Davis rocks out on the guitar in the basement dressed as Waldo is the least surprising, and most awesome, thing ever. 

5. Shaquille O'Neal, NBA Analyst

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    NBA legend and current TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal is clearly comfortable with his own sexuality because he is always more than willing to dress up in drag for a laugh.

    Here he is with his comically undersized lady, Nicole "Hoopz"Alexander, who looks to be dressed up as a pregnant Tupac? 

4. Dallas Braden, Oakland A's

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    Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden dressed as Burger King's exceptionally creepy King for Halloween. Braden's favorite part about the costume was the strange looks he received and the children he frightened. 

3. Takeo Spikes, San Diego Chargers

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    Apparently San Diego Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes doesn't handle the cold very well. Spikes donned this J-Lo looking chinchilla monstrosity last time the Chargers visited Green Bay to play the Packers. 

    Spikes described the Green Bay Winter as "colder than a polar bear's toenails."

2. Matt Antonelli, Baltimore Orioles

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    Baltimore Orioles infielder Matt Antonelli posted this photo of himself and Dirk Hayhurst being "hazed" as rookies.

    Well, either that or they enjoy dressing up as Hooters girls on the weekend. 

1. Rex Brothers & Jordan Pacheco, Colorado Rockies

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    Colorado Rockies Eric Young Jr. posted this photo of rookies Rex Brothers and Jordan Pacheco in September, 2011. This was a full month before Halloween, so they were obviously just engaging in some good ol' fashioned rookie hazing. 

    Brothers and Pacheco look ravishing as twin Princess Leias.