Kyrie Irving's 10 Most Electrifying Plays of Rookie Season with Cavaliers

Branden FitzPatrick@divingmelvinCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2012

Kyrie Irving's 10 Most Electrifying Plays of Rookie Season with Cavaliers

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    Kyrie Irving is having a memorable rookie season filled with a bundle of electrifying plays.

    Even before Ricky Rubio went down with an injury, Irving was far and away the best rookie. The new leader of the Cavaliers, he's done a marvelous job of washing away the memories of LeBron James.

    Cleveland has a new star now. One that has the potential to become one of the best point guards in the NBA.

    Here's a list of Irving's top plays so far in his rookie season:

10. Irving to Thompson

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    Irving is mainly known for his scoring, but he can pass the rock as well.

    Against the New Jersey Nets, the Cavaliers finally got a glimpse of how dangerous their rookie combination of Irving and Tristan Thompson can be.

    This alley-oop was brilliant because Irving made the Nets collapse on him, opening up the lane for an easy score.

    Hopefully Irving and Thompson can continue to grow together as players.  

9. Irving's Reverse Layup vs. Indiana

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    Irving is always a threat to score because he is so deadly with the ball in his hands. He's like a knife that pierces through the lane.

    Check out this reverse layup against the Pacers in his third NBA game. Before Irving even got a week of NBA experience under his belt, he was making game-changing plays. 

8. Irving to Gee

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    In one of his worst games of the season against the New Orleans Hornets, Irving still managed to throw this beautiful lob to Alonzo Gee.

    Good players find ways to impact the game, even when they are struggling to score. After the Cavaliers allowed a layup in the lane, Irving immediately pushed the ball down the floor for an easy alley-oop.   

7. Irving's Reverse Layup vs. Charlotte

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    The Cavaliers were losing to the Bobcats 57-46 at halftime in this game. Then Irving led a furious second-half comeback and the Cavaliers won the game 102-94.

    This reverse layup started the surge. Irving made a tough and-one play to put the Cavaliers back into the game. The score was impressive because Irving took a big hit and still finished. Often times when point guards drive to the bucket they get pushed around and fail to make a play. Not Irving. He's as tough and physical as anyone, which is a large reason why he's so good at driving to the rim.  

6. Irving's Steal and Slam vs. Boston

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    Irving showed great awareness on this play. As soon as the ball came free, Irving was gone. This clip displays the breathtaking speed of Irving in the open court. Avery Bradley had no chance of catching him.

    Playmakers always look to make the smart play, not the big play. The play was there to be made, and Irving capitalized.  

5. Irving Spins and Scores vs. Utah

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    Talk about making something out of nothing.

    Al Jefferson looked clueless when Irving spun around him for this gorgeous layup. Irving's spin move is lethal and nearly impossible to guard.      

4. Irving Schools Phoenix

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    If you thought the last spin move was good, this one that Irving did against the Suns the very next game was even more impressive.

    Irving utilized his screen perfectly, and then left Marcin Gortat looking dumbfounded as he spun around him for a right handed layup. Irving's ability to dribble deep into the paint is special. He routinely makes big men look like oafs.   

3. Irving Switches Hands and Scores over LeBron James

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    Cleveland's new darling vs. Cleveland's old darling.

    Despite getting crushed by the Heat at home, Irving had a few good moments, like this spectacular hand switcheroo move on King James.

    Irving hit the lane hard, almost like an NFL running back when he takes a handoff and hits the hole. When Irving gets momentum towards the basket, he has a large array of moves he can use to score.   

2. Irving's Game-Winner vs. Boston

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    If you couldn't tell already by the highlights, Irving can pierce through the lane at any given moment because of his ability to dribble deep into the paint, his lightening quick first step and dangerous spin move.

    With only one month of NBA basketball under his belt, Irving made the game-winning play to beat the Celtics. Everyone knew Irving was going to take the last shot. That didn't mean anyone could stop him.   

1. Irving's Coast-to-Coast Layup for the Win vs. Denver

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    Aaron Afflalo isn't a bad defender. Irving just made him look like one.

    Everyone remembers the full court one-on-one drill from high school basketball practice. Irving's coast-to-coast game-winning drive looked like a full court one-on-one drill gone wrong. Irving blew by Afflalo and cut through the lane for the game-winning layup with ease. 

    Irving is a playmaker. A special player that Cleveland fans should feel lucky to have. He's only going to get better and the time when LeBron James was in town will feel like a distant memory.