The Future of MMA Has Arrived, and It's Not Jon Jones Or Rory Macdonald

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIMarch 15, 2012

The future of MMA is here and it's not Jon Jones or Rory Macdonald, it's kids. 

Yes, Jon Jones is a 24-year-old phenom, but there are younger phenoms who will one day reach fighting age and destroy him. 

The recently posted Youtube clip of a fight between youth female MMA fighter Aalijah Pineda and an unknown boy is proof of this MMA renaissance amongst youngsters, as is the fact that kids were present at the UFC 135 press conference—kids who train in MMA and have aspirations to fight.

There is nothing to malign here, there is nothing savage at work here. These are no gladiatorial games and the promoter of this kids fight is no Joseph Kony. 

These are simply kids who are enjoying themselves while practicing the purest form of sports/competition known to man—and doing a damn good job at that. 

This fight is a good thing. 

It shows that the popularity of MMA is spreading, pervading all aspects of society like the other major sports do. 

Kids compete in baseball, kids compete in football, and kids compete in hockey. Why shouldn't they be allowed to compete in MMA as well?

Kids competing is a sure sign that MMA is establishing itself in the younger demographics. MMA's popularity with kids will only expand as the 18 to 34-year-old males who became fans from The Ultimate Fighter begin to procreate and have MMA-obsessed children of their own. 

The finest hour of MMA is approaching, and the little kids in MMA gyms will be its heroes. 


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