Strange but True World Football Stories: Maxi Lopez, Mario Balotelli, Roy Keane

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterMarch 7, 2012

Strange but True World Football Stories: Maxi Lopez, Mario Balotelli, Roy Keane

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    Take a break from reality. Footballers do it all the time.

    You get enough serious news throughout the week. How about something different for a change?

    Here's a batch of strange but true world football stories from the last few days. You might not believe everything you say here, but we can guarantee this much: you will be entertained.

Maxi Lopez Bares All?

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    AC Milan's Maxi Lopez is many things, from professional footballer to lucky husband of an insanely hot woman.

    Add this to the list: alleged webcam creeper.

    It's only an allegation for now, mind you, but this is too crazy to ignore. Maxi Lopez has allegedly appeared nude on a webcam.

    As Dirty Tackle points out, Mr. Maxi wouldn't be the first footballer to do so.

Who's That Hooded Man?

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    According to a Mail Online "EXCLUSIVE," Manchester City's Italian striker Mario Balotelli was recently kicked out of a local mall for refusing to take off his hoodie.

    Of course, this isn't the only Balotelli incident the Mail has reported on lately.

Pub League to World Cup to Silver Screen

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    You may have already heard the story of American international defender Jay DeMerit.

    If not, you'll probably want to click over to this FIFA article on DeMerit and a documentary film about him.

    The short version is this. DeMerit couldn't get any MLS clubs to sign him, so he moved to England at age 23 and started playing in pub leagues. He eventually turned pro and represented the USA at the 2010 World Cup.

    Pretty cool, huh?

Roy Keane Flips Out, Pt. 137

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    With Arsenal trouncing AC Milan on Tuesday, you may have missed Chelsea's victory over Birmingham in the FA Cup. If so, you missed some of the players flicking each others' ears during their 2-0 win.

    Roy Keane sure didn't, and he flipped out on live TV while denouncing the silliness as "stupid carry-on" and "so childish it's crazy."

    Someone here is definitely crazy, and it's not the Chelsea players

Di Matteo's Deathwish

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    After that Birmingham-Chelsea match, Chelsea caretaker manager Roberto Di Matteo dedicated the win to Andre Villas-Boas.

    AVB, as you'll recall, was sacked earlier this week by Roman Abramovich.

    So, is Di Matteo angling for a vacation in Siberia this summer?

Cheers for Carlos?

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    Carlos Tevez was allegedly cheered by Manchester City fans during a reserve game Tuesday.

    That can't be true, can it?

How to Spot a Faker

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    Here's a great one. Check out the video on the left to watch for yourself and click here for details.

    Here's the basic story: This player is being sent off for diving while also being stretchered off with a real, actual injury.

    Lecomte reportedly suffered three displaced vertebrae and a concussion from the collision, which is either evidence that he's willing to go a long way to try and gain an advantage for his team or that this referee needs to be a little less cynical.

    Way to spot a faker, ref.

Soccer Mom and Manhattan Madam

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    Finally, here's a story that includes a soccer mom, a Manhattan madam, nude photographs and a pitbull in devil horns (pictured).

    Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is.


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