Ring Of Honor Finally Gets TV Deal

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJanuary 9, 2009

For a while, I have been lobbying to see Ring of Honor on TV.

I mean, some of the best WWE and TNA wrestlers have come from there, two former World Champions for starters.

Both TNA World Champion Samoa Joe and World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk came through there, which shows you the talent they have produced.

It is like a factory sometimes there. They have produced so many of the stars we know and love today it is scary. Finally they are getting their due with a TV deal.

It is well-deserved.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Ring of Honor has been offered a TV deal from HDNet. The deal would consist of ROH producing a new, first run, weekly one-hour TV show.

This is the first TV deal the promotion has been offered, which makes you wonder. I always thought they could be better than TNA or the WWE if they ever got marketed properly.

They always have the talent, so it is about time someone got wise and gave them a TV deal. I guarantee they will accept it since it is their first, but TNA started out with a one-hour show and moved to two.

Maybe it will be a channel we all will have. TNA has Spike, and WWE has MyNetwork TV, USA, and SciFi, which pretty much everyone has. If ROH had a channel like that, they would be watched more.

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Only the hardcore fans really know it exists, and TNA is just now getting known. So ROH has work to do to get people to watch. Of course if they market themselves properly they will turn out fine.

They have the talent to get people to watch. All they need is just that, people to watch.

Will ROH turn out to be great?

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