The Top 5 Pro-Wrestling Documentaries Every Fan Should See

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMarch 1, 2012

The Top 5 Pro-Wrestling Documentaries Every Fan Should See

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    Documentaries are a source of valuable information and a way to cherish the sacred traditions of pro-wrestling. A three disc-DVD set could spotlight a deserving wrestling star as a way to pay tribute and teach new fans the qualities that made them great by showcasing their best matches and promos.

    They can also be a way to shed light on a promotion or bring understanding to a controversy that occurred in Pro-Wrestling. Documentaries are crucial as they educate us fans on little-known facts or educate the next generation on the stars of the past.

    Simply put, I'll be showing you the top five documentaries you all should watch. I invested a lot of my time in finding the full version of my selections as to provide you all access to watch the documentaries. 

    You might be familiar with one or two of my choices, but the majority will be only known to the hardcore fans. 

Wrestling Road Diaries

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    Wrestling Road Diaries provide a brief glimpse into the lives of Bryan Danielson (as Daniel Bryan was known back in the day), Sal Rinauro and Colt Cabana and more generally into the life of an independent Pro-wrestler.

    The editing of the film is phenomenal as it beautifully pieces all three wrestlers' quirks and charm which provides the bulk of the entertainment. 

    The main reason fans should watch this documentary is based on the fact that it shows what life is like on the independent scene.

    We know or THINK we know how a Pro-Wrestler lives his life in the WWE but we really have little understanding of the challenges one faces on the independent scene, aside from scheduling and being away from their families.

    Documentaries such as Beyond the Mat and Ready to Rumble portrayed Pro-Wrestling in a negative light, but Wrestling Road Diaries shows how Pro-Wrestling is not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Scott Hall "The Wrestler" ESPN Documentary

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    I suppose "The Wrestler" should be watched as a cautionary tale, as Scott Hall was at various points on top of the wrestling world in superb fashion, but he falls so hard to the bottom that he becomes a severe drug addict/alcoholic.

    It's not a pretty story but it's one that should be told, as we need to understand how a talent as great as Hall could fall beyond rock bottom.

    It gives us fans a chance to see how someone who at one point was at peak physical condition could deteriorate to a feeble physical and mental condition.

    The alcohol and substance abuse mixed with a screwed up family life is not something Hall is only experiencing, as there are many other wrestlers who are experiencing the same fate, or many are already dead. 

"The Sickness"

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    Before watching the video, please read this Roddy Piper interview.

    This documentary is one fans should watch regardless of the attempt of the media to demonize Pro-Wrestling and shift all the blame to the WWE.

    The reason we should watch this documentary is that we can be able to know what the media criticizes on Pro-Wrestling, then to take it upon ourselves to see if their claims are true or falsified.

    Also, the transcript of the Interview with Piper from also sheds light on how much of the short documentary was manipulated into making anything associated with pro-wrestling as a negative sport.

    It's fascinating to see the documentary has an ounce of truth but is exaggerated for the media to reach its agenda. 


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    Pinfall is excellent as it follows Adam Pacitti who trains for one month and participates in an over-the-top-rope rumble match.

    The beauty of this documentary is that it shows is how difficult it is to become a Pro-Wrestler and that it's a profession that take a special individual to be able to handle that lifestyle.  

    We get to see how the Pacitti family reacts to his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar and the response from wrestlers who try their best to explain to Pacitti that being Pro-Wrestler is no cakewalk.

    Every wrestling fan dreams or least have thought about becoming a pro-wrestler and this documentary would be perfect to see how someone whose greener then the grass they walk on tries to break into the sport.

Backyard Criminals

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    Backyard wrestling is in reality a hit-and-miss with pro-wrestling fans. Some love it as there are some talented individuals, but others hate it as they consider it a waste, as it's wrestling without the psychology that is commonly seen in the sport.

    In a way it's like watching the old ECW without the talents of RVD, Mick Foley, Sabu and Terry Funk. It's a little-known or -explored territory of pro-wrestling that fans know little or nothing about, which is why this documentary is a must-watch.

    Honestly, it's not a work of art but it's neither a car-wreck in the process, either.