Mario Balotelli's Top 9 Craziest Stories

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentFebruary 29, 2012

Mario Balotelli's Top 9 Craziest Stories

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    Mario Balotelli would be a perfect candidate for a most fascinating list because he is such a complex individual. 

    He's the son of Ghanaian immigrants, who were forced to give him up to foster parents.

    That kid grew up to become an outrageously-talented footballer. 

    So talented that he has scored 13 goals this season without breaking a sweat. 

    Yet even with his talent, an Italian last name and choosing Italy over Ghana—some Italians will never accept him because of his skin colour. 

    Maybe that is the root of Balotelli's behavioural problems, or maybe he's naturally an eccentric and dry-humoured person. 

    Not only is "Mad Mario" a must-see when he plays, his personal life is a soap opera. 

    Here are the top nine craziest Balotelli stories. 

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Mario Balotelli Is Santa Claus?

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    A week before Christmas, it was rumoured that Mario Balotelli had dressed up as Santa Claus and was giving out cash to people passing by. 

    Of course there was no picture evidence so one can only assume the rumour was fiction. 

    Nonetheless, it does seem like something Balotelli would do—maybe he'll do it next Christmas. 

Mario Balotelli Forgetting About the Milan Rivalry

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    Only Mario Balotelli would be so ignorant about the feelings of Inter Milan supporters. 

    At that point, Balotelli had alienated the majority of non-Inter Milan supporters, his manager, some of his teammates, management and now the fans. 

    An alternative way of looking at it, was Balotelli purposely exacerbating the situation to the extent that Inter had no other option but to let him go. 


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    Mario Balotelli was bored and he decided that throwing darts at a youth player was not only safe but a civil thing to do. 


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    I love how Robbie Savage doesn't even answer the question and focuses straight on Mario Balotelli's inability to put a bib on. 

    Here's Edin Džeko's parody of the bib incident. 

IPad More Important Than Warming Up

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    In a Euro 2012 qualifier against the Faroe Islands, it was reported that Mario Balotelli was more preoccupied with his iPad than watching the game.

    The implication being that Balotelli didn't care about the team, but the Manchester City forward cleared up the situation by saying he didn't even have the iPad with him during the game. 

Giving Tribute to Guy Fawkes

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    Normal people cure their boredom by doing normal things, but Mario Balotelli cured his boredom by setting his house alight with fireworks. 

    It's hard to have Balotelli as a spokesman when he says one thing but does the other. It would be like having John Terry as the spokesman for Kick It Out. 

The Philanthropist

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    When Mario Balotelli isn't getting red cards for doing his best impressions of kung fu fighting, he's giving homeless people £1,000. 

    This random act of niceness proves at he's a good guy at heart. 

I'm Rich and I Know It

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    Mario Balotelli's English is improving but it's still simplistic. So when the police queried why he had £5,000 in his back pocket, Balotelli was concise in his response: "Because I am rich."

    See, he doesn't seem to understand that it's not normal to carry that amount of cash with you because you make yourself a target for criminals. 

    What makes Balotelli such an entertaining figure is he doesn't care about the social norms. He's living life the way he wants to live it. 

Why Always You?

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    The audacity Mario Balotelli had to wear the shirt because he was so confident that he would score is what is so impressive here. 

    I shouldn't have been shocked that Balotelli had such a witty message on his shirt when he scored, but I was. 

    It was a classic moment in Premier League history. 

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