Serie A vs. La Liga: Why Serie a Is a Better League

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

The strength of a league versus another is a debate that will rage until the end of time. That is perhaps the sole comment some people will agree with in this article.

Others of course, may agree with everything.

Unless a tournament was organized whereby every team in La Liga plays every team in Serie A, how can this conundrum be resolved?

The short answer is that it can't.

It will always come down to personal opinion. What your playing style preference is, who your favourite players are, and even the country you were raised in also goes some way to affecting your mindset. After all, everybody has biased fans.

So back to the reasons why Serie A is better than La Liga.

Is it because their top teams are better? La Liga has Barcelona and Real Madrid vs. Serie A's AC Milan and Juventus, so the argument is there for stating La Liga has the best two teams.

Unfortunately, that's where it ends for La Liga, and that's the reason the league isn't as good.

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It may offer a more attractive style of football, but the quality of the teams throughout doesn't compare.

Aside from the two most mentioned Spanish clubs, Valencia are perhaps the only other club that could offer a challenge to Serie A. Compare that with Serie A's Napoli and Internazionale, who are still present in this season's Champions League, and you can see the bigger picture.

Udinese, Lazio and AS Roma haven't received a mention yet, but they don't even need to be in this equation to make my point.

One thing that I want to make clear is that I would prefer to watch Real Madrid or Barcelona play any day over an Italian team, but the division in La Liga is so stretched now that I couldn't care less to watch one of the other Spanish teams play. It's just 18 teams playing for third place, and usually 10 of those don't have any chance of getting it.

Italian football is on the assurgency once again, so don't be surprised to see all remaining Italian teams in the pot for the Champions League quarterfinals.

People will say that this declaration of Spain only having two quality teams is old news, but why is it that it continues to be news? The league is not evolving, and if anything the top two teams are generating a larger gap as each season passes.

In the 08-09 season there was a 17-point gap between first and third, 28 points in 09-10, 25 points in 10-11 and currently 24 points this season with 14 games to go.

How uninteresting can you get?

If you want entertainment in your football then watch the two big Spanish clubs play, but if you want season-long competition with twists and turns along the way then switch your TV channel to Italy.

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