UFC 144 Results: Steve Cantwell Has Run out of Time in the UFC

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIFebruary 26, 2012


After losing his fifth straight fight in the UFC, American fighter Steve Cantwell has officially run out of time fighting after his three-round loss to Riki Fukuda at UFC 144.

While Cantwell came in with a lot of promise, as he only had one loss over his MMA career, he has only managed to win once since joining the UFC.

That was his first fight, which came against Razak Al-Hassan at UFC: Fight for the Troops. Since then, he has just been unable to close out any matches, and his departure from the prestigious division seems inevitable.

Cantwell's loss to Fukuda is his fifth straight unanimous decision loss, and it is becoming quite clear that he is not able to make things happen amongst these stronger fighters.

His overall MMA record stands at 7-6 now, and he is quickly approaching .500. If he even gets one more fight with the UFC, he is destined to all to 7-7, which will kill any chance at any future bouts—that's if this fight hasn't already done so.

It is becoming quite clear that the UFC isn't for Cantwell, and he honestly may be best fit to return to the lower levels of fighting where he saw much more success.

Sure, the UFC provides a better chance at making it big, but for now, Cantwell is proving that he isn't able to do that given all the opportunities he has had.

Jeff Chase is a Featured Columnist for the Chicago Cubs and Arizona State football.


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