NBA Rumors: Why Toronto Makes No Sense for Wilson Chandler

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIFebruary 25, 2012

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If Wilson Chandler is going to come back to the NBA this season, he can't even entertain the notion of returning to an out of contention team. This is why the talk that he's interested in the lowly Toronto Raptors is more than a little confusing. 

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reported Chandler's agent Chris Luchey said the Raptors are a factor.

Luchey said the Raptors, who have salary cap room to add Chandler without the use of an exception, are in the mix and that he is talking to six other teams. Chandler made $2.1 million last season and had been hoping for a long-term deal with Denver.

Why in the world would Chandler want to go to the Raptors? They are more than five games out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. If by some chance the Cavaliers, Bucks, Pistons and Celtics find their way into the playoffs, the Raptors will only be easily disposed by the Heat or Bulls. 

Chandler is not a franchise changer. He is not the kind of player that will go to a bad team and make them a contender. That is what would have to happen in Toronto, so this move makes no sense. 

I guarantee that one of the six other teams that Chandler is talking to would make sense. If you put Chandler on a good team that's a player away from making a run in the playoffs, he will be valuable. 

The Raptors would be the kind of team to sign with for a player who just wants to return to the NBA and doesn't have any other offers. But unless Luchey is lying, that is not the case.

With the exception of the Nuggets, we don't know who the other six teams are. Still, those franchises have to be better than the Raptors. If they're not better this year, then they have to at least provide greater hope for the coming years. 

Toronto does have the money and while that is certainly a factor, it can't be the primary part of this decision. If you are going to join an NBA team at the halfway point of the season, then that team had better be one that can win. 

Otherwise, Chandler is just better off staying away and signing an NBA contract in the offseason. For the sake of Chandler, let's hope that he's only including Toronto in these talks for the sake of posturing. Anything more than that would be purely pointless.


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