10 Most Captivating Tennis Showmen on Court

Madhusudan G Rao@madhugrContributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

10 Most Captivating Tennis Showmen on Court

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    The ATP Tour has been fortunate to have a number of captivating showmen on display.

    Over the years, there have been the one player who has stood out from the rest, not in terms of ability but also the magnetic presence on the court.

    Some of them have gone on to be No. 1 in the rankings, while others have not been so successful in their prime.

    The current players seem to be very "normal" compared to the yesteryear players in terms of on-court antics. Hence, we will not look at the currently active players in this list.

John McEnroe: You Cannot Be Serious

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    John McEnroe was famous for his confrontational behavior on court that put him in trouble frequently.

    Umpires and tennis authorities would be worried whenever they had John play during their time.

    "You cannot be serious!" was the remark made by John against an umpire during a Wimbledon 1981 match.

    He is now an expert commentator on television and popular on the Champions Tour (for senior pros).

Mansour Bahrami: The Court Jester

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    Wherever there is an exhibition tennis tournament, the chances of a full house is guaranteed if you have Mansour Bahrami on show.

    Not having the opportunities to play in his prime (for political reasons), Mansour has made up for lost time recently.

    Mansour travels for more than 40 weeks in a year playing exhibition tournaments around the world.

    His range of unusual and breathtaking shots have captured attention world-wide...witness YouTube for his shots through the legs.

Henri Leconte: French Comedian

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    Henri Leconte obtained a cult following on the ATP tour as a result of his energetic exhibition doubles performance.

    Leconte has been a regular on the Senior circuit and along with Bahrami has been one of the reasons why crowds flock to the Champions Tour.

    Not being a Grand Slam champion has not prevented Leconte from reaching heights in entertainment on the court.

Ilie Nastase: Bucharest Buffoon

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    Ilie Nastase was considered as one of the most gifted tennis players in history.

    Nastase was famous both for his racket skills and his ability to entertain.

    He was famous for amusing spectators with his mimicry and tricks, sometimes even during a crucial phase of a match.

Yannick Noah: Saga Africa

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    Yannick Noah is the last French player to have won the Roland Garros tournament so far.

    Noah has been famous as a very popular music performer and as the co-founder of a charitable organization.

    Known for his long locks during his playing days, Noah had his problems against the French fiscal authorities.

Boris Becker: Early Success

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    Boris Becker became the Wimbledon champion at the age of 17, the youngest-ever man (boy?) to achieve.

    Though his success on court has been great, Becker's off-court activities were also colorful.

    An affair with a model that resulted in a controversy was just what Becker did not want during his playing days. 

    After dabbling in several things including poker, Boris Becker has returned to tennis, albeit as a commentator.

Andre Agassi: Boy from Las Vegas

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    Andre Agassi is believed to be the best all-time tennis player, thanks to his exploits.

    He was famous for his neon-lit dress on court (later he admitted to wearing wigs), and for the bald look later. 

    Off the court, he has been very busy: charity events, as well as a recent book (which had several interesting revelations).

Jimmy Connors: American Giant

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    Jimmy Connors, as we all know, was a No. 1 in his heyday (he would serve as the coach of Andy Roddick as late as 2008).

    He was also known for the tantrums he threw in the tennis world (both on and off the court).

    Lawsuits against the ATP were common for Connors during the mid 1970s. He was also famous for his affair with women's champion Chris Evert.

Goran Ivanisevic: Ace King

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    Goran Ivanisevic is well-known for the huge service aces that used to threaten his opponents on court.

    Goran was also known for on-court temper tantrums (even though directed towards himself).

    During his initial days, Ivanisevic was very vocal in his support for Croatia.

Marat Safin: Russian Temper

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    Marat Safin has won two Grand Slams and has been No. 1 in the rankings.

    Safin is also famous for his emotional outbursts and fiery temper on court.

    It has been reported that Safin has broken more than 1,000 racquets during his career!


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