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    The Match That Ended an Era

    by Jeremy Eckstein

    Rafael Nadal’s recent episode of hard-court dominance culminated in winning the 2013 U.S. Open. Tennis fans know that the seeds to this success took root in 2005 during a summer ... Read More »

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    Ranking Greatest Tennis Players in History

    by Jeffrey Ruth

    It's not easy to pick the greatest American men's tennis players, let alone rank them. There are just so many to choose from. From the advent of the sport to just recently, Americans could be foun... Read More »

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    Greatest Comebacks in Men's Tennis

    by Jeffrey Ruth

    The greatest comebacks in men's tennis have one thing in common. The winners start by losing. And losing. Being down two sets to none can bring out the very best in a player... Read More »

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    Worst Tennis Fathers of All Time

    by Merlisa Lawrence Corbett

    Most tennis fathers are just like other sports dads. They are passionate about their child's participation. They may occasionally get riled up when they perceive their child is being slighted... Read More »

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    Greatest French Open Champions in One Draw

    by Jeremy Eckstein

    While Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer saw the birth of their rivalry on French Open red clay, t ennis fans often wonder how they would match up against other clay-court champions of the past... Read More »