Jose Mourinho Video: Real Madrid Manager Uses Homophobic Slur on Camera

Zachary D. Rymer@zachrymerMLB Lead WriterFebruary 22, 2012

Jose Mourinho had to watch his Real Madrid side squander a 1-0 lead in the waning moments of their Champions League match against CSKA Moscow on Tuesday, but that's not the only trouble facing Mourinho at present.

On Monday, Mourinho was filmed at Luzhniki Stadium, where he was caught using a Spanish homophobic slur.

According to Mirror Football, Mourinho used a term that translates to the dreaded six-letter F-word in English. Supposedly, he was using it to refer to referees.

Mourinho should have known better. There's a widespread campaign against all forms of intolerance in football in Europe, most notably against racism. It's not as rampant in the sport as it used to be, but recent incidents involving key English Premier League players have made it clear that it has yet to be swept from the sport altogether.

Homophobic slurs like the one Mourinho used should be viewed no differently than racial slurs, in which case the Real Madrid manager should be facing some kind of discipline from UEFA.

Louise Englefield, co-president of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation, told Mirror Football that he would have UEFA take after England's Football Association.

"The English FA are now dealing homophobia in the same way as racism and we would call on UEFA to do the same," said Englefield.

"I would hope UEFA would want to sanction homophobia exactly as they would with racism."

If UEFA does choose to come after Mourinho, it wouldn't be for the first time. He was hit with a five-match ban (later reduced after appeal) in 2011 for making "an inappropriate statement" in a postmatch press conference.

If UEFA saw fit to ban Mourinho for one inappropriate statement, it's possible the organization may do so again following Mourinho's latest inappropriate statement.

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