NHL Trade Rumors: 6 Possible Destinations for Rick Nash

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIIFebruary 19, 2012

NHL Trade Rumors: 6 Possible Destinations for Rick Nash

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    Rick Nash will be traded. That is almost as certain as Columbus not making the playoffs this year.

    With a little over a week away until the NHL trade deadline, teams are running to the finish line and trying to get a deal moving with the Columbus Blue Jackets for Rick Nash.

    The biggest question is where will he be traded. Many teams would love to have a superstar like Rick Nash on their roster, even if that means trading away valuable players.

    But who has the best chance at grabbing Nash? Many teams have been rumored to be in the running, but just last week, Nash gave a list of five teams to which he'll okay a trade. 

    These are the six possible teams that could land Rick Nash in the coming week.

Boston Bruins

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    Will Nash head to Boston?

    How good would the Boston Bruins be if they were able to pick up Rick Nash? Enough to make them favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup champions.

    As good of a defensive team as the Boston Bruins are, adding that one superstar on offense will surely put the Bruins over the top. It would also be a good fit for Nash, who would be playing with the likes of Tyler Seguin and David Krejci.

    This might be one of the greatest chances for Nash to make a run at a Stanley Cup as well. If he is serious about winning it all, Boston will definitely be in the running. But it will be up to Columbus to get a deal done in order for this to be completed.

    The Bruins also have the cap space to manage the monster $7.8-million cap hit that comes along with Nash. The only question is who will the Bruins give up for their chance to acquire Nash.

Los Angeles Kings

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    The possibility of Nash ending up in Los Angeles is not as slim as some might think.

    The offensive-hungry Kings are in need of someone like Nash to drive the lane and set up prime scoring opportunities. Nash's cap hit will be undesirable for the Kings, though, so look for them to trade away one of their "core" players to help make up the difference.

    This might also be just what the Kings need in order to hold onto a playoff position and make it past the first round. Acquiring Nash would make them contenders in the West.

New York Rangers

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    How do you make one of the best offensive teams in the NHL even better? Add Rick Nash.

    The Rangers certainly don't need to add anything to their already Eastern Conference leading team. But it would be nice to see Rick Nash come to New York to put them over the top.

    Playing alongside Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik, Nash would give the Rangers the top line in the NHL.

    But Nash's cap hit will certainly put a wrinkle in any trade talks. The possibility of this trade happening is slim, but it should be talked about, nonetheless.

San Jose Sharks

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    Is this the year that the Sharks finally get past the Western Conference Finals? If they pick up Rick Nash, then, yes, it is.

    With Martin Havlat on the injured reserve, the Sharks could use someone like Nash to pick up any offensive slack that they lack in their game. It would also make the Sharks the favorite to win the Western Conference.

    A trade between Columbus and San Jose is very possible; the Sharks could shed some of their young talent in order to acquire the superstar winger.

    Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Rick Nash, does that sound good?

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Toronto is on the border of making the playoffs this year. Whether or not they make it might depend on GM Brian Burke's ability to make a big trade at the deadline.

    How about Rick Nash to Toronto?

    It would be beneficial to Toronto to pick up a possible face to the franchise other than Phil Kessel—not to mention a superstar player that can put up 30 goals a season.

    Would this put Toronto over the top and make them a possible favorite to win a Stanley Cup? No, but they will make the playoffs, and we'll see where it goes from there.

Chicago Blackhawks

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    Even though the Chicago Blackhawks never made Rick Nash's list of teams that he would okay for a trade, that didn't stop the rumors from swirling around.

    It's no secret that the Blackhawks are looking to add some player of significance. In recent weeks, the Blackhawks were also mentioned in trade talks with Columbus. With a little cap room too, the Blackhawks are in a position to make a trade for Nash, even with his $7.8-million cap hit. 

    It would make one of the best offensive teams in the NHL even better, though the Blackhawks would have to trade one of their "core" players.

    Nevertheless, acquiring Nash will go a long way in helping the Blackhawks reach the Stanley Cup Finals once again.


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