Jeremy Lin: 5 Misguided Arguments His Haters Make and Why They're Wrong

Ben Chodos@bchodosCorrespondent IIFebruary 17, 2012

Jeremy Lin: 5 Misguided Arguments His Haters Make and Why They're Wrong

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    There are still NBA fans that are inexplicably unconvinced that Jeremy Lin is a rising star and those poor souls are simply wrong.

    Some fans just cannot bring themselves to root for a player who has become so popular and have let their contrarian instincts outweigh their capacity for common sense.

    Jeremy Lin has proven that he has all the necessary qualities to be a starting point guard in this league for years to come.

    Here are five common arguments that Lin's haters have put forth and why they are all terribly mis-Linformed (more Jeremy Lin puns to come).

5. All the Hype Is Because He's Asian

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    Some of the buzz surrounding Jeremy Lin is due to his Asian-American heritage, but he would not be a nightly fixture on SportsCenter if he was not playing at such a high level.

    Floyd Mayweather became a ringleader for Lin-haters when he tweeted:

    Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise.

    Lin has  had a record-setting stretch of games in which he became the only player this season to have 20 or more points and seven or more assists in six straight games. No player this season, regardless of race, has done what the Knicks' new point guard has done.

    This is the easiest argument to debunk as it is not in any way based on fact and is Linflammatory and Linsensitive.

4. Won't Produce When Carmelo Is Back

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    Jeremy Lin has had an incredible run since his breakout performance against the New Jersey Nets on February 4, but has only played meaningful minutes in one game in which Carmelo Anthony was active.

    That game came against the Nets, and while Lin had 25 points and seven assists, Anthony scored just 11 points on 3-of-15 shooting. This, in addition to Anthony's reputation as a player who dominates the ball have raised questions about the two players' ability to coexist.

    Despite the doubts, both players will not have a problem sharing the basketball. Anthony had the highest player efficiency rating of his career in the 2008-09 season, which by no coincidence was Chauncey Billups' first season with the Denver Nuggets. Not only does Melo know how to play with a top-tier point guard, but he excels with a quality player at the 1-spot.

    In addition, Anthony has been nothing but supportive of Lin while sitting out with a groin injury. In addition to bowing each other in Lin's first big game against the Nets (see video), Anthony had these kind words to say about his new point guard:

    Jeremy Lin was a blessing in disguise for us. He fell down from upstairs for us in the situation that we've been looking for a guy to take over that position.

    Lin proved in his last game against the Sacramento Kings that he does not need to score to help the team win. Lin attempted just six field goals in the game while dishing out a career-high 13 assists. The Knicks blew out the Kings and Lin rested for most of the second half.

    Lin is a consummate point guard who will only get better when given the opportunity to play with an elite scorer, and anyone who attempts to debate this point will have a Linferior and Lincomplete argument.

3. Has Only Played a Few Games

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    Some of the more reasonable Jeremy Lin detractors have recognized his accomplishments, but are unwilling to make any definitive statements about the point guard because he has only received substantial playing time in seven games throughout his career.

    Seven games is a small sample size, but is there anything else that he could possibly have done over the past few games?

    Lin's play has won the confidence of the entire Knicks organization.

    Head coach Mike D'Antoni commented on his plans to use Lin going forward by saying:

    I’m riding him like freakin’ Secretariat.

    Star forward Amar'e Stoudemire discussed the difference Lin is making and said:

    That's something we've been talking about all year -- have spacing and move the ball. Right now we're all buying into it and it's contagious.

    And finally, Carmelo Anthony said this about his return from injury:

    When I get back Jeremy will have the ball in his hands and I’m playing off of that.

    His brief stint with the Knicks has been enough to earn the respect of his coaches and teammates. Fans who disagree with these basketball professionals need to stop being so Lincessantly stubborn and get excited about the point guard's Linfectious energy.

2. Hasn't Played Anyone Good

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    Another knock on Jeremy Lin is that he has not been playing against good competition.

    In the seven games that Lin has played meaningful minutes, all of the Knicks' opponents had .500 or worse records, except for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    However, Lin has been doing exactly what he should be doing against inferior competition, and has been recording monster numbers.

    In his first start against the Utah Jazz, Lin scored 28 points and dished out eight assists. Those totals were the highest of any player in their inaugural start since Isaiah Thomas cracked the Knicks' lineup 31 years ago.

    Since then, Lin has continued to excel and scored more points in his first five starts than any player since the merger. 

    He has been historically good in his first seven games, and the subpar competition he has faced does not detract from that. Lin has done the most with the opportunities that have been presented to him, and those who continue to use this point to slight the rising star are simply Lintrenched in their own backwards opinion.

1. Too Many Turnovers

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    Haters that chose to bash Jeremy Lin over his six-turnover-per-game average may think they are being clever by using stats to make their argument, but these detractors are just as misguided as anyone else that doubts Lin's abilities.

    While the rising star has committed at least six turnovers in five of his last seven games, his bad habit has not been overly detrimental to his team.

    Lin has the fourth-highest usage rate in the league, meaning that he uses his team's possessions more often than almost anyone in the NBA. He has a lot of turnovers because he has the ball in his hands so often.

    Historically, point guards have committed a lot of turnovers for precisely this reason. John Stockton, Isaiah Thomas, Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson are all in the top-10 all-time for turnovers.

    In addition, Lin has the seventh-highest player efficiency rating. This metric takes every play into account and measures whether a player has a negative or a positive effect on the possession. Despite Lin's turnovers, he has still been remarkably efficient.

    Lastly, he is in his first season with the Knicks and has only been given substantial playing time in seven games. He will continue to improve his decision-making and commit less turnovers.

    For all of these reasons, fans who continue to doubt Lin are deluding themselves to the point of Lindecency. They need to buy into the point guard's Linspiring story and stop hating. 

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