10 Coolest Sports You've Never Heard Of

Sean LeahyCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2012

10 Coolest Sports You've Never Heard Of

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    This article is for those who dare to dream, albeit potentially inebriated, of new and innovative advancements in what the screening public and ESPN are willing to deem viewable as sports. For the latter, history suggests that not much more than the desire to vacuum swallow the entire sporting universe and it’s loyal subjects, qualify as acceptable criteria.

    However, despite my jealousy addled digression, the list beyond is proof positive that we as people are not quietly succumbing to the supposed isolation brought upon by the current technological revolution. No, no, we will not go gently into that stereotypical sport watching good night, much less the morrow. We will though, continue to let our innovation in sports be a reflection of our eternal desire to reincarnate within the standard sports universe!

    Thus, 10 of the coolest sports you may or may not have heard of…

Shin Kicking

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    If only this “sport” were around in my playground debating days as a youth or for that matter in my current playground disputes. Oh yes they continue to transcend!

Chess Boxing

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    I have heard the analogy that a boxing match can be like a game of chess, but never that a game of chess might incorporate elements of the sweet science! At the very least it would alleviate the buildup of excess tension and the need to manifest it in physical aggression when the chess game reaches an uncomfortable standstill.

    One can only anticipate with glee the first introduction of this kind of action to a high profile boxing match undercard, and when I say one, I literally mean one, maybe two people actually anticipating.

Extreme Ironing

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    This athletic take on ironing originated in Great Britain, proving once again that the Brits know a thing or two about multitasking.

Wife Carrying

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    This assignment could not have dropped on this sports writer’s desk at a more opportune time, as the wife and I have been desperate to find ways that we can be more athletic together.

    Being that the originators of such an athletically elegant undertaking are Finnish, the winner’s gold just happens to be the wife’s weight in the kind of sudsy gold that every husband enjoys, yes the nectar of the gods, commonly referred to as beer.   

Man vs. Horse

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    Horse has always complied with man’s bidding, cleverly, it appears, knowing that one day the ultimate challenge to determine the bigger man…or horse would arise, in due course. In this 22 mile man versus beast marathon, horse even levels the athletic terrain, by literally creating a non-level terrain.

    As much of the marathon mileage is spent treading through swamps and wooded areas.  

Underwater Hockey

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    For those who are adept at, and take pride in, the ability to breath underwater for long stretches of time, the makers of this sport are finally granting you the reward you deserve.

    For those who enjoy the aforementioned challenges of breath control, in tandem with the possibility to body check others who happen to be drifting in your general vicinity, you will have to take that usually associated hockey aggression to a public pool elsewhere. There is no body checking in underwater hockey, a sacred rule, which is vital to the beautiful ebb and flow of the game.

Extreme Zorbing

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    Zorbing is not as we all know, some made up term for an act of affection, made credible via the Cosby Show character Rudy, that of course is Zerbitting.

    No, rather, zorbing is a race involving competitors rolling down a hill inside a significantly large bubble, sometimes with just enough water within to create a splashing bit of extra fun!

Bog Snorkelling

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    Leave it to the fine people of Wales, to bring us new and improved usage of the vast and underused bogs of the world.

    The great thing about this sport, affordability. All you need is proximity to nature’s alternative to man made Olympic style swimming pools, the bog.

    Acceptance into the 2012 Summer Olympics to be held on the soil of Wales’ next door neighbor, London, is still pending review.

Unicycle Polo

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    This sport was originated in the Pacific Nnorthwest by a group called the Unicycle Bastards, whom it is said are starting to intimidate the Hells Angels out of most of their current holdings on US territories.

    The Unicycle Polo charter stipulates that at least one beverage, alcoholic in nature, must be consumed prior to each match. Insert satirically connected reference to various, current and former Boston Red Sox players here.

Cheese Rolling

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    You've got cheese, you've got a hill, you've got endless hours of competitive enjoyment at your finger tips.


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