Which All-Star Weekend Is the Best?

Jason Radowitz@@NY_Sports_WorldContributor IIIFebruary 4, 2012

Which All-Star Weekend Is the Best?

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    The NHL All-Star Game was a blast this season; however, the NFL All-Star Game was not amusing at all. Now, the NBA All-Star Game is coming up.

    Which All-Star Game would you prefer to watch if you had to choose just one?

    In order, I break down the worst to the best All-Star weekends in the major four sports. Needless to say, the NFL needs to do some studying.

No. 4: NFL All-Star Weekend

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    Since taking out the NFL skills challenge in 2009, the All-Star Weekend has been a disappointment.

    They also moved the Pro Bowl back two weeks to be in between the Championship games and the Super Bowl.

    Football is a rough sport, and no one wants to get injured after their season is already over. No one tries, and the game is a complete joke.

    "I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves," Aaron Rodgers told ESPN 540 in Milwaukee. "I was just surprised that some of the guys either didn't want to play or when they were in there didn't put any effort into it."

    Even Aaron Rodgers was disappointed that the Pro Bowl is just horrific. All it is, is a trip to Hawaii for free. Nothing else. Luckily, the NFL didn't have to listen to Rodgers complaining last year because he won the Super Bowl.

    Losing the skills challenge was just plain dumb. Watching the offensive lineman stand around isn't amusing at all.

    The tackles are not aggressive, and quarterbacks like to fool around—except Aaron Rodgers, that is.

    Although the Pro Bowl seems to get decent ratings, no one cares about the game. It's that simple.

No. 3: MLB All-Star Weekend

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    The MLB All-Star Weekend is decent, but it seems the same athletes are always in the Home Run Derby. The Home Run Derby is exciting, but it can get boring after a while as it goes very slow.

    Also, they don't have any competition for non-power athletes, so not every type of player gets the opportunity to compete in a skills event in baseball.

    Maybe something like running around the bases would be a cool little extra. One extra isn't enough to keep people.

    The MLB game is actually important; however, as it decides home field advantage for the World Series. That's a good way to make the players try harder, but still, a different pitcher each inning gets annoying.

    Another competition would need to take place for the MLB All-Star Weekend to get ranked better.

No. 2: NBA All-Star Weekend

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    The NBA All-Star Weekend has lots going on and brings lots of audience in for their classic Slam Dunk Contest and three-point contest.

    However, those aren't the only skills competitions. The NBA also provides passing skills contests for point guards and a shot contest for current players and legends.

    On top of that, the NBA has the over-achieving rookies face off against last year's rookies in a regular NBA game. That gives fans a chance to see the new guys play and act like stars for one game.

    In the All-Star Game, their are some outstanding dunks and lots of scoring, which is very exciting to watch.

    There is a lot of fooling around too, with players trying to make ESPN's Top 10. But, all in all, the NBA provides several events to make their All-Star weekend a very exciting one, to say the least.

No. 1: NHL All-Star Weekend

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    The NHL had the most brilliant idea out of any league. Setting a draft for each team instead of using conferences makes the game so much more interesting.

    Add on the skills competition with plenty of exciting athletes, and it's the most fun out of all the weekends. They even added rookies into the skills competition and had them compete against each other in various events.

    The one skills competition that stood out was the penalty shoot out. Many players had unqiue ways of trying to score, and it was always exciting trying to figure out what they might do next.

    During that challenge and throughout the night, goalies had cameras on top of their helmet to get a unique view of the play.

    In the All-Star Game, there were many goals, but also some decent saves. Although there was no checking, teams actually had lots of nice passes and some outstanding plays to go with them.

    During the draft, Henrik Lundqvist was the assistant captain for the red team. Marian Gaborik, however, wanted to play against his teammate to see if he could score against him. He scored three goals in the game, including one on Lundqvist. The fact that Gaborik was able to play against his teammate was a really cool feature.

    The NHL makes their All-Star game fun for all --- the fans, the rookies, and the veterans.