Super Bowl Parties: Staples That Must Be a Part of Your Big Game Bash

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIFebruary 4, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - FEBRUARY 06: Green Bay Packers fans tailgate outside of Lambeau Field prior to the start of the Super Bowl on February 6, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Matt Ludtke/Getty Images)
Matt Ludtke/Getty Images

You might think you know everything that goes in to a proper Super Bowl party. But if your party doesn't have all of these items, you simply have people getting together to watch the game, which is not a party.


It is hard to imagine that not that long ago, we lived in a world without HD. You might as well talk about a world without cars or telephones. 

High definition was made for football. Everything becomes so clear when you're watching in HD. Was his foot in or out, was the ball caught or trapped? It seems so minor, but there is a huge difference between watching in Standard Definition and High Definition. 

Everyone watching the Super Bowl must do so in front of an HDTV. 

Junk Food

Source: Tripadvisor.in
Source: Tripadvisor.in

Super Bowl Sunday is not the time to become a health nut or count calories. You may do that on 362 days of the year, with the only other exceptions being Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

No, this is the time to order the greasy pizza with chicken wings, beer, nachos, chili and anything else that tastes good. That is the primary focus here. If it tastes good, it belongs at your Super Bowl party. You can worry about the damage inflicted on your body on Monday.  

Source: Tripadvisor.in.

Clueless People

This is actually sort of a two-part staple. The first part is the clueless person who watches one football game a year and doesn't know a thing about either of the two teams. 

Without those people, you would never have the others who like to impress people (usually women) by acting like their knowledge is extremely in depth. 

"Hey, you see quarterback there. That is Tom Brady. He is pretty good. But I understand if you don't know that, you really have to watch a lot of football to know that."

Of course, that is a completely random example. I wouldn't have any idea what it's like to participate in such idiocy. 

The guy who cares way too much

I have never been to a Super Bowl party without at least one of these guys. His favorite team isn't there to cheer for, nor is his primary rival there to cheer against. Still, by the time the third quarter rolls around, he has no fingernails left and has broken half of the furniture in the house. 

These guys need to be included because they are incredible comedic relief. Not everyone is a fan of the Giants or Patriots, nor do they care that this is a Super Bowl rematch.

But give me the opportunity to observe someone who fits into both categories yet still acts like Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin, and I will gladly pay money to get into a Super Bowl party. 

Random Bettors

There is a very good chance that people in the previous category also fit in here. Just for the sake of argument, let's say that the Patriots have the ball, are up 27-25, fewer than two minutes remain on the clock and the Giants have no way of stopping the clock.

Common football knowledge suggests that the Patriots will sit on the ball, let the clock run out and win the game. Yet, there will be one person screaming, "Come on, Brady. Pass the ball."

For a second, you may wonder what is happening. But if you look at Bodava, you will see that the Patriots are three-point favorites and the over/under is 54. This man took the Patriots and the over and expects New England to defy all football logic for his own cause. 

Super Bowl Pools

There isn't a better way to guarantee your focus on a game where you have no rooting interest than to participate in a Super Bowl pool. You don't care who wins or how many points are scored, the only thing you care about is what the last number in each team's score is at the end of a quarter. 

This is also another way to defy football logic, as you will start hoping teams kick a field goal on second-and-one, go for two when it makes no sense to do so or take a timeout to kick a field goal before the first quarter ends. 

These things will also cause you to look at them approximately once every five seconds to figure out what needs to happen for you to win the money.  


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