Manchester United Transfer News: Wesley Sneijder vs. Michael Carrick

Devil in a New DressSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2012

NOVARA, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 20:  Wesley Sneijder of FC Inter Milan dejected during the Serie A match between Novara Calcio and FC Internazionale Milano at Silvio Piola Stadium on September 20, 2011 in Novara, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Stay put Wesley, you won't be coming here anytime soon.

I think it's pretty safe to say at this stage that Sir Alex won't be signing Wesley Sneijder from Inter Milan. OK, fair enough.

The transfer fee would be unabashedly excessive. Sneijder's wage demands would be too high—the Dutch international is 27 years of age going on 28 and Paul Scholes costs considerably less.

Still, that doesn't explain Sir Alex's insistence on Michael Carrick's presence. I mean, the persistence in playing and praising him can be applauded—yes, he's got his players' backs. However, his insistence on a player no Manchester United fan would boast about is questionable.

Sir Alex has repeatedly stated that unless someone—"top class"—came up in the market, he wouldn't buy. Yet, he has Michael Carrick—who has never had top class next to his name, bar now—and he keeps him. Is that not strange?

Speaking about his spending plans, Sir Alex insisted he wouldn't be bullied into spending:

As far as I am concerned, I am marching perfectly in step, true to my beliefs and principles. While recruiting some of the world's leading players can lift you into contention for honours, it doesn't necessarily take you all the way, as I hope we will be able to demonstrate before the end of the season as other factors come into play.

So wait, hold on. The whole "I believe in Michael Carrick" and "He can be pivotal" thing is an experiment?

United lost back-to-back games to Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United, conceding six goals and scoring just two—and the fans are supposed to take a back seat and watch as United's season (which is totally dependent on our performance in midfield) is gambled on what Sir Alex hopes will be the form of the forever inconsistent Michael Carrick? Pfff.

Excuse me if I'm a little piqued, but I'm just not feeling it. Sir Alex continued:

"You can never say never in football, of course, because fortunes can fluctuate wildly—that's the football world. If a really top-class player became available, then we would go for him, or if we picked up any further serious injuries, it might be important to add to our squad."

"But let me reiterate, contrary to what some people seem to be fixated about, money for a transfer is not a problem if I deem it necessary."

Now, I know United fans swear by every word of Sir Alex's, but if it were you in charge, what would you do?

Stick with Carrick, restart Sneijder negotiations or find other talent?


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