WWE: Drew McIntyre Is Too Talented to Be Punished for His Choice in Ex-Wife

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of postmatchblog.com
Photo courtesy of postmatchblog.com

Drew McIntyre must be getting sick because his WWE career has been just like a roller coaster ride. 

It goes up, then it goes down and it does so about as quickly and as often as you might imagine. 

In August 2009, McIntyre returned to the Smackdown brand (after a brief previous run on the show), and the next month, he got a ringing endorsement on TV from Vince McMahon, who labeled him “a future World champion.” Shortly thereafter, McIntyre was even given the nickname “The Chosen One,” an indication that big things were in store for the Scottish superstar. 

But McIntyre’s early push didn’t last very long, and by May 2010, the young star had already developed a bad reputation backstage. 

From the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via SEScoops.com):  

Drew McIntyre has reportedly fallen out favor with management as he’s gained a reputation of being high maintenance not to mention that he’s failed to get over to the degree of his push. Initial plans called for McIntyre’s undefeated streak to result in a World Heavyweight Title reign. Instead, Jack Swagger ended up in the spot and McIntyre was left to feud with Matt Hardy. 

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McIntyre’s incredibly quick elevation to the top of the WWE came to a crashing halt, and not too long after he began getting de-pushed came the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

From PWInsider.com (via SEScoops.com)

World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended Taryn Terrell (a/k/a Tiffany) following an incident earlier this week at the San Jose, CA hotel performers were staying at. 

Company sources claim the incident was a domestic issue between Terrell and husband Drew Galloway (a/k/a Drew McIntyre), which led to police being called to the scene. There are conflicting reports over whether Terrell was arrested by the San Jose PD. 

After McIntyre’s domestic violence incident with his wife and fellow WWE talent Tiffany, the monster push of “The Chosen One” had officially ended. 

He should have changed his nickname to “The One Who Never Gets on TV Anymore” because that’s exactly what happened. 

McIntyre went from someone who looked like he would be a major player in the WWE to someone who found himself almost completely eliminated from storylines and TV in general for more than a year. He’s just now getting back on TV on a consistent basis. 

For those keeping count at home, that’s roughly a year and a half of a complete burial for McIntyre, most of which stems from an altercation with his wife that he was never even arrested for. 

I think it’s safe to say that McIntyre has suffered enough, that he’s served his time and that he deserves another shot at becoming a big-time player in the WWE going forward. 

Quite simply, McIntyre is too talented not to be given that opportunity. 

I know that McIntyre has his fair share of haters out there, but when I look at him, I see a potentially huge star in the making. The guy has a fantastic look (he’s 6’5”, 254 pounds), but he’s more than just another big body that the WWE is already full of. 

McIntyre started training to be a professional wrestler when he was just 15 years old, and he was trained by notable names like Doug Williams and Paul Burchill. He was born to be a wrestler, and he’s worked his tail off to get to the WWE and achieve his dream of becoming a World champion. 

He has more years of training under his belt—and in some cases, double the training—than most current WWE stars have, despite the fact that he’s only 26 years old. Yes, “The Chosen One” is the same age as two of the WWE’s brightest young stars, Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder. 

However, you wouldn’t know it when you watch McIntyre wrestle. He looks like a savvy veteran in the ring, one who brings with him a great heel mentality that seems to come naturally to him. 

Say what you want about McIntyre being boring in the ring or “nothing special,” but especially for someone so young, he shows some great psychology in the ring, which is matched only by his surprising athleticism for a big man. 

This isn’t to say that McIntyre is going to do backflips or cartwheels, but he’s certainly no Mason Ryan out there, running around like a chicken with his head cut off and making the simplest of moves look like rocket science. 

And it’s not just me who sees something in McIntyre. A big-time WWE Hall of Famer does, too. 

From PWInsider.com (via SEScoops.com): 

Bret Hart criticized WWE’s utilization of Drew McIntyre, who headlined last week’s episode of WWE Superstars against Chris Masters. 

He wrote on Twitter, “I honestly can’t believe that the best way 2 utilize a talent like Drew McIntyre is 2 waste him on Superstars. Who’s genius is that? Idiot!” 

I’ll trust Bret Hart’s ability to evaluate talent any day because he’s one of the greatest wrestlers who’s ever lived, and he can recognize a good wrestler or good performer when he sees one. 

And, like me, that’s what he sees with McIntyre: A guy with a good look, some above average in-ring skills and the ability to get over as a hated heel. 

McIntyre was pretty successful during his run on Smackdown from 2009 to mid-2010, but the reason he had that success was because he was given a chance first. The WWE has to give him another one if it wants to prevent wasting his tremendous talent. 

The guy showed at the ripe age of 24 that he could do it all, and do it all well. 

With a little more experience under his belt, there’s really no telling just how far McIntyre can go, as long he gets the opportunity to do so.

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