Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: 5 Reasons Chelsea Need to Invest in January

Dan SumnerContributor IIJanuary 7, 2012

Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: 5 Reasons Chelsea Need to Invest in January

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    AVB played it pretty safe in the summer, not taking a risk that could backfire on him, transfer wise. This is probably the cause of him having so much pressure on his shoulders to try and get Torres to perform.

    I for one would like for him to take a risk that could possibly kick start the Chelsea revolution. It doesn't even need to be a transfer; it could be throwing McEachran into the mix.

    A big money transfer, though, could backfire on the whole dynamics of the side. AVB has got the reputation of being a real thinker when it comes to transfers, but maybe it's time to spend some of that Russian money that is burning a hole in Mr. Abramovich's pocket.

    Whether it's Ronaldo, Messi or Balotelli, Chelsea need a marquee signing, and you never know, it could be a signing that will transform Torres into the world-class striker we all knew and feared. It's pretty clear that Chelsea are into a transitional period and Man City are the new alpha dogs in the Premiership.

    But, and this is a huge but, do Man City have the experience and bottle to last the whole season and manage to keep their heads when they have a blip. Individually, yes, but collectively as a team, I have my doubts.

    Chelsea and Man Utd are both in transition; however, Chelsea have the money that will allow them to catch City quicker than Utd. If money is spent wisely. Remember the summers of 2004 and 2005.

    So, who are the transfers that will help Chelsea rule England again?

Not Enough Competition at Back

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    Gary Cahill, Bolton Wanderers

    As I am writing this, for all I know, Cahill might have already signed for Chelsea, but this player is key for the rebuild of Chelsea.

    He isn't the classic English defender, but in this case, that is a good thing, as Chelsea already have the last remaining one in top-class football (I'm talking about Terry, of course).

    But this lad can play, I mean really play, he is great with his feet, quick when needing to recover and can score goals with impeccable technique.

    Look at his goal against QPR on the opening day of the season and the winner against Everton, he took those two goals like a forward. He will also provide more competition in the middle of defence, maybe causing Terry and Luiz to up their game.

    If Chelsea can pull this deal off, it could be one of the best deals Chelsea have done in quite a while. In one deal, they will have the perfect partner for Terry (as proven at the international level ) but also the natural successor, that is if Chalobah doesn't fulfill his potential.

    He is, unfortunately, underrated. Yes, he is part of the joint worst defence in the league. But how can he keep goals out when Jaaskelainen is having one of his worst seasons, and he is supported by Paul Robinson, Gretar Steinssen and Zat Knight?

    I think you can hardly blame him for the goals conceded when he is having the burden of carrying the defence. In fact, he deserves praise for just turning up for Bolton.

    He hasn't been at his very best this season, though he still has been pretty good. You can see when he is playing for England how good he is, because the players around are of higher quality.

No Width

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    Milos Krasic, Juventus

    I've been a fan of him for quite a while now. In fact, I wanted Chelsea to snap him up when CSKA Moscow made him available.

    But sadly Juventus did and frankly have wasted a great talent. Now, Krasic has had a falling out with Juventus manager Antonio Conte and has made it clear that if he doesn't play, he will be gone.

    With Krasic now wanting to leave and his agent making it clear that his client wouldn't be against a move to the West Londoners, a move could very well be on the cards this January.

    His pace will frighten any full back, same with his trickery. Also for such a skinny player, he has natural strength and uses his body wisely.

    Chelsea are in dire need of some width within their ranks, and this is the player to provide it. He can play either side but is predominantly down the right-hand side. 

    With the falling out with Conte, Chelsea can now get him on a cut price deal, although for some reason he has been linked with a loan move. Personally, I think that is just some stupid rumour from a slow news day.

    He will fit in easily, allowing Mata to roam and Sturridge to choose either side to go down. 

Where Is the Explosiveness?

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    Hulk, FC Porto

    Hulk is the total modern forward. He offers more than one thing whether it's clinical finishing, embarrassing a defender or an audacious long-range shot. This guy can do it all, and think: Porto discovered him at a little Japanese club.

    Drogba, as much as it pains me to say it, isn't the player he once was. He was the player that created something out of nothing and could make defenders run away from him. Since he caught Malaria he hasn't been at his terrifying best.

    This is why Hulk is a necessity. Yes, Chelsea have Lukaku, and no, I'm not saying he won't do anything at Chelsea. But for some reason, he doesn't seem to be playing so I can't make my judgement yet.

    He's worth about £30 million, I'd say.

    Hulk could fill a hole in which Chelsea are missing, that powerhouse to assist Torres and Sturridge, and hopefully Lukaku.

Mata Can't Create Everything by Himself

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    Javier Pastore, PSG

    Now this may be total rumour due to the transfer window hype. But, the more I think about it, the more I believe it could happen if Chelsea really wanted it.

    Apparently, Javier Pastore believes that he may want to play for a bigger team than PSG.

    For some reason I think he was more attracted to the Eiffel Tower than the Parc des Princes.

    Pastore was more attracted by the money that PSG were offering than playing in the best league in the world with Chelsea. Yes, that's correct; a Chelsea fan saying another was attracted to another team because of money. Can somebody explain another reason than that for picking PSG over Chelsea?

    The more I think about it, the more I believe it could happen. With the player power these days, if he really wanted to leave, then it will happen. But at a rather hefty price. Something that Chelsea won't be averse spending on such a high-caliber player.

    Everything Pastore does oozes class. This player would take the pressure slightly off of Juan Mata, creative-wise.

    This would also be another option for AVB as he can play Pastore off the front man, play him in a slightly deeper role or give him the free role. All these positions he can alternate with Mata during the match as well, naturally creating more chances.

    Though all this could just be speculation and be totally false, but I would rule nothing out until the first of February. As you all remember what happened last year. Anything can happen.

Lampard Won't Last Forever and Might Get Injured

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    Jack Rodwell, Everton

    This lad has a massive future ahead of him. Already a regular with Everton, not to mention an England international. He has all the attributes to be the successor for Lamps.

    He won't replicate the goals, but Lampard is one of a kind and I can't see anyone ever having such a prolific scoring record for a midfielder in the Premiership.

    What Rodwell does have is the natural ability of being the natural box-to-box midfielder. He has one of the best engines in the premiership (arguably only second to Ramires) which is the type of player no team can have too many of.

    He can also create chances and score goals, if I can take your memories back 2 or 3 years to Everton against Man Utd, where Rodwell ran the ball straight through Utd's defence just to slot the ball past Van Der Sar with immense ease. Just shows the abilities of the young man.

    The problem is he won't come cheaply. Between £15-25 million would be a guess. However, for the years that he will be able to provide the Blues with, it probably wouldn't affect Abramovich that much.

    Rodwell is a machine, so expect some lung-bursting runs and a couple of opponents with bruised ribs. Because if he'd join Chelsea and gets that "do anything to win" attitude locked inside of him, the beast will be unleashed, to coin a phrase.

What's Your Opinion?

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    Other options available are De Bruyne, Lucas Moura, Eden Hazard and Cesar Azpilicueta

    If you were AVB, who would you go after?