Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Top 5 Plays of the Non-Conference Season

Eric WrightContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2012

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Top 5 Plays of the Non-Conference Season

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    Rated second in the country, picked by many to win the national title and thus far only suffering one loss on the season, the Kentucky Wildcats are currently right on schedule with where many fans and experts thought the team would be heading into the SEC portion of the schedule.

    While the Wildcats have been frustrating to watch at times this season, they have still provided fans with an array of spectacular plays that only players with supreme talent can produce. High-flying dunks, great defensive plays and big shots have become the norm thus far this season in Lexington.

    So, before we get into SEC play, it's time to look back on the first half of the season and reminisce about some of the best plays that Wildcat fans have seen this year. Without further ado, here are Kentucky Wildcats' top five plays of the non-conference schedule.

5. Pure Madness

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    Technically, this dunk didn't take place during the season. But considering it happened at the campout leading up to Midnight Madness, I think that it counts.

    I'm struck by two things in this video. 

    One, how did the red-headed kid get this opportunity to play some one-on-one with Davis? He looks terrible for a rec-league player, let alone a guy getting to hoop with Davis.

    Second, and most impressive to me, is just how easy Davis, and almost all college players for that matter, makes dunking on fools look. These guys are really talented folks. And the freakish length that Davis showed prior to the first practice of the year was just a sign of things to come this season.

4. Darius Miller Knows What He's Doing

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    I love this dunk.

    The ball control with one hand is simply incredible, as is the athleticism that Miller showed on this play. A truly phenomenal dunk.

    But the best part is after the dunk. Talk about some swagger. Miller reminds me of the Joker walking away from the exploding hospital in The Dark Knight.

3. Sorry Darius, Mine Is Better

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    So Darius had a nice one-handed dunk; but for my money, the one by Anthony Davis against Arkansas-Little Rock was even better.

    I love how far back it looked like he had to stretch to bring this one in. And he makes it look so effortless. I guess because for Davis, it almost is effortless. 

    But also, it seems like he pauses in mid-air for just a fraction of a second before he decides to throw it down on people's heads. Kentucky fans have gotten so used to seeing Davis dunk, that it is hard to remain in awe of just how freakishly athletic he is. But he really is a special talent. 

    Seriously, this dunk is crazy good.

2. Anthony Davis "Hensons" Henson

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    Any time you have a matchup of the two most talented teams in the country, it is special.

    Any time that game ends on one of the best blocks you will see all year, you have just seen a special play.

    Yeah, Kentucky fans will be talking about this play for years.

1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Goes Beast Mode

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    Um, yeah.

    I would have just gotten out of the way.

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