MLS News: Grading Toronto FC's New 2012 Away Kit

Kyle Degab@@kdegabContributor IIIJanuary 5, 2012

In an odd sort of fashion, Toronto FC's new kit was just recently released today via an on-line soccer shop.  The team is yet to reveal these 2012 away kits themselves yet somehow, someway they are currently for sale.  

Apart from the strange fashion in which these jerseys were leaked, Toronto will be supporting a new look in away fixtures this upcoming season.  In a change from the all white 2011 kits, this year's away jersey will support red shoulders that extend down the sides and back of the kit.  

Most notably, and in another odd note, it appears as if Toronto has changed their crest for this kit by eliminating the grey from the "T" for a much plainer but appealing look of red and white.  

These jerseys are indeed plain and it will be hard to erase the success and appeal of the "all white" kits, but certainly these jerseys could be much worse.  Frankly some of the kits that have been released thus far are absolutely terrible (Columbus what were you thinking with these?).

Toronto fans have been fortunate to have a wide variety of fashionable looks over their early five-year history.  Heading into year six I think it is safe to say that again we should have one of the most appealing kits in the league.  

These away jerseys will compliment Toronto's home shirts nicely with a similar look.  Hopefully the product on the field this season will perform as well as they look.

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As a side note, I hope the day comes where their is variety in the league in terms of makes.  Adidas makes respectable kits; however, it would be nice to introduce some variety to the league.

*I will continue to monitor the situation at hand with this awkward jersey leak and provide updates as time progresses.