What's Next for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline After WWE Survivor Series WarGames?

Doc-Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured Columnist IVNovember 28, 2022

What's Next for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline After WWE Survivor Series WarGames?

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    The Bloodline

    Survivor Series is historically known for it's multi-Superstar elimination matches, but this year eschewed that trend in favor of bringing the WarGames stipulation to the main roster.

    The main event of the pay-per-view saw The Bloodline battle the team of The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens inside the double-cage structure.

    The bout was as wild and physical as you would expect from the 10 men who were involved, but it was how it ended that got people talking.

    Longtime friends and rivals Owens and Sami Zayn were the two men at the center of this story. KO wanted his fellow Canadian to see that The Bloodline was not a good fit for him, but Zayn chose to remain loyal to Roman Reigns.

    After he delivered a low blow to Owens, Jey Uso hit a big splash from the top rope to pin The Prize Fighter and secure the victory. After the match was over, Jey and Zayn embraced, seemingly ending the tension that has been building between them for months.

    With the final main roster PPV of 2022 out of the way, WWE has several weeks before its next big show in January, the Royal Rumble. Let's take a look at what could be next for each member of The Bloodline as the year comes to a close.

Roman Reigns

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    The Tribal Chief led his team to victory Saturday, but had his team lost, he wouldn't have suffered much as a result. The Undisputed Universal Championship was not on the line, so the only thing they were fighting for was pride.

    His most recent title defense was on November 5 against Logan Paul. If WWE waits until the Rumble for his next challenge on January 28, that will be almost three months between defenses.

    This simply will not do. Having both of its world titles on one person is already something a lot of people saw as a mistake when they were unified back at the 2022 Royal Rumble, but having three months between title bouts would be more egregious.

    In canon, WWE is supposed to have a 30-day rule that says if a champion does not defend their title every month, they will lose it. This rule has been widely ignored and forgotten about for a long time, but three months is still too long.

    The next thing WWE should do is set up a challenger who will face Reigns on an episode of Raw or SmackDown for the belts. Not only would having The Tribal Chief defend his title on TV be a big deal, but it would help keep the impression that he is a fighting champion.

    Sheamus, Owens, McIntyre and Bobby Lashley would all be great choices because of their history with the champ, and they would be easy to slot into that position at any time.

Solo Sikoa

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    The Bloodline mostly consists of veterans, but one newcomer joined the group recently and has made a big impression ever since.

    Solo Sikoa is the real-life younger brother of The Usos, but having a different name is going to allow him to carve his own path, especially after this group eventually breaks up and he goes his own way.

    With WarGames out of the way, it might be time for Sikoa to have his first solo feud on the main roster (pun fully intended).

    Having the muscle of The Bloodline chase one of the midcard titles seems like the best way to give him the spotlight for a little while. Not only would he have the chance to add yet another accolade to the family's legacy, but one potential match WWE could book would make a lot of people happy.

    Gunther currently holds the Intercontinental Championships. He and Sikoa had a few run-ins in NXT, so they have experience working together already.

    This match would be hard-hitting and tons of fun, especially if we saw The Usos feud with the rest of Imperium to make it more of a stable vs. stable fight.

    It's time for Sikoa to have more to do than just stand there looking menacing. He's great at doing that, but he is capable of so much more.

The Usos

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    For almost all of 2022, The Usos have ruled over the tag team division in WWE. They have held the SmackDown Tag Team Championships since Money in the Bank 2021, and they added the Raw tag titles in May of this year, making them the undisputed tag team champions.

    As great as they have been, their reign has felt slightly overshadowed by the ongoing Bloodline story with Reigns, Zayn and Sikoa. The champs have had plenty of great matches, but most of their feuds have felt too one-sided and predictable.

    It's time for The Usos to focus on their own careers again, and that means getting back to basics with a couple of tag team feuds that have nothing to do with the rest of their family.

    The Viking Raiders have returned and are being pushed as a dangerous force, Alpha Academy has been awesome for a long time, and teams like Los Lotharios are being wasted on the bench.

    If Sikoa feuds with Gunther, having The Usos take on Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser would allow the two groups to have some six-man matches, too.

    WWE's tag team division isn't super deep right now, but it has plenty of great talents who are just waiting for an opportunity. As great as The Usos are, it might be time to get the belts off of them so another team can be pushed to the top. Even if they just drop one set of titles and keep the other, Jimmy and Jey won't suffer much as a result.

Sami Zayn

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    The big question mark heading into WarGames was what Zayn would do. He seemed loyal to Reigns and The Bloodline, but there were moments when it appeared that Owens had gotten in his head.

    The only non-Anoa'i member of The Bloodline cemented his loyalty by hitting KO below the belt so Jey could take him out with an Uso Splash for the win. But what now?

    Zayn seemed like he might end up being ousted from the group at some point, and that might still happen, but his position feels safe for now after he proved his worth.

    After what happened inside the cage, there will likely be some hard feelings from Owens, and that means renewing their feud could be in the cards. We've been down this road before, but it was usually KO working as the heel. Now, the roles are reversed.

    Zayn would be the one taking the low road and relying on outside help while Owens tries to show his friend the error of his ways. He hasn't been able to get through to Zayn yet, so fighting him is the next best option.

    Owens could always chase the Undisputed Universal Championship at the same time, but for right now, a feud with Zayn by itself seems more likely.

    The Bloodline is posied to end 2022 the same way it began, in complete control. What do you hope to see each member do next as we prepare for 2023?