WWE's Carmella Says She Was Treated for Ectopic Pregnancy, Had Miscarriage in Sept.

Tim Daniels@@TimDanielsBRFeatured Columnist IVOctober 31, 2022

BIRMINGHAM, AL - JUNE 11: WWE wrestler Carmella attends the USFL game between the Birmingham Stallions and the Houston Gamblers on June 11, 2022 at Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama.  (Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Leah Van Dale, known by the ring name Carmella in WWE, announced she received treatment Monday for an ectopic pregnancy.

Van Dale, who's married to WWE commentator Matthew Polinsky (ring name Corey Graves), said she previously had an early miscarriage in September in a statement posted on Instagram.

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and Van Dale said she wanted to share her story to help others going through a similar situation:

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Carmella shares her story of being treated for ectopic pregnancy <a href="https://t.co/tWA9FhvcSb">pic.twitter.com/tWA9FhvcSb</a>

Two percent of pregnancies in the United States are ectopic, which occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, per Julia Ries of Healthline.

Dr. Beverly Gray explained to Catherine Pearson of the New York Times that an ectopic pregnancy is not viable because there's no medical procedure to replant the egg, and the situation can put the woman's life at risk if it goes untreated.

"I sort of think of it as a ticking time bomb," Gray said. "This is a pregnancy that as it continues to grow will cause the tube to rupture and cause basically uncontrolled bleeding."

Van Dale, 35, signed with WWE in 2013 after previously spending time as a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader. Her in-ring accolades include stints as the SmackDown women's champion, a WWE Women's tag team champion and a Money in the Bank briefcase holder.

She hasn't appeared in her on-screen role as Carmella since April 4, which was the Monday Night Raw episode on the night after WrestleMania 38.

Van Dale and Polinsky, who were featured in a reality series entitled Corey & Carmella on WWE's YouTube channel earlier this year, were married on April 7.

Their relationship was also featured on previous seasons of Total Divas, a WWE-centric reality show on the E! Network.