Latest WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Match Card Predictions, Including Rousey vs. Morgan

Erik BeastonSeptember 19, 2022

Latest WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Match Card Predictions, Including Rousey vs. Morgan

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    Liv Morgan defends her women's title against Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules/Credit:

    WWE will present its latest premium live event, Extreme Rules, on Saturday, October 8, live from Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center. The card, sure to feature a few gimmick matches throughout, currently features just one officially announced match thus far: an Extreme Rules match between SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan and the newly reinstated Ronda Rousey.

    What about the rest of the card, though?

    What matches and Superstars should fans tuning into the show expect to see? More importantly, who can they realistically expect to win those matches, and why?

    Find out now with predictions for the card itself, as well as the already-announced showdown between Morgan and The Baddest Woman on the Planet.

Extreme Rules Match for the SmackDown Women's Title: Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

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    The only match officially announced for the premium live event is an Extreme Rules match in which Liv Morgan will defend her SmackDown Women's Championship against the woman she controversially defeated twice, Ronda Rousey.

    All signs would seemingly point to Rousey smashing her way through Morgan en route to a championship victory, especially since she utterly dominated Morgan at SummerSlam, only to lose to a botched officiating call.

    That would make too much sense and be a bit too predictable. It would also threaten to undo all of the goodwill built up between Rousey and fans through her recent booking, especially if it involves beating someone who fans were genuinely happy to see win the title in the first place like Morgan.

    The Extreme Rules stipulation gives WWE the opportunity to have Rousey get a measure of revenge and prove herself the dominant force while providing an out when she ultimately loses. Maybe that is in the form of interference from Shayna Baszler or a returning Charlotte Flair, but it does not feel like this is Morgan's swan song as champion.

    Prediction: Morgan retains

Presumptive Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross

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    There are a number of presumptive matches based on recent booking that, while not officially announced for the show yet, can be surmised to be happening.

    The first is a showdown between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross that has been building since the latter's return to WWE. The former two-time NXT champion targeted McIntyre that first night back and has continued to hang around, making life a living hell for The Scottish Warrior.

    By choking him out with the Kross Jacket just six days after McIntyre's heartbreaking loss to Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, Kross intensified the feud and McIntyre upped the ante by refusing to back down in the face of "doomsday" threats by the enigmatic heel.

    Their match very well could be the main event of the Extreme Rules event, and one would be hard-pressed to argue against it. Both are veterans of big matches, Kross in the indies and NXT while McIntyre is the closest thing to a top babyface the company has right now.

    An intensely physical match would be a certainty and, for the sake of the bad guy, would end with him victorious.

    Prediction: Kross

Presumptive Match: Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

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    Bayley and Damage Ctrl defeated Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka back at Clash at the Castle, with Bayley scoring the win over the EST to set herself up as the next contender to Belair's Raw Women's Championship.

    That is the direction the feud has been heading from the moment Bayley stepped through the curtain for her monumental return at SummerSlam, and the victory just served to hammer that idea home.

    A ton of work went into getting the title back on Belair at WrestleMania with that Match of the Year candidate against Becky Lynch, but this is Bayley's time and should that match be made official for Extreme Rules, the expectation should be that she leaves with the gold and Damage Ctrl continues their dominance over the women's division.

    There is the added emphasis for the feud, too, given that Belair and Bayley were in the midst of one back in 2021 when the latter injured her knee and proceeded to miss nearly a year of ring time as a result.

    Prediction: Bayley wins the title

Presumptive Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

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    Johnny Gargano's return to WWE was interrupted immediately by Mr. Money in the Bank, Austin Theory. The former NXT champion wasted little time dropping the arrogant young star with a superkick, but Theory responded last Monday night by attacking Gargano from behind and ruining what was a triumphant return to the squared circle.

    While Theory has his hands full with Kevin Owens on this week's show, it appears as though he and the man who used to be his protege in NXT are destined for a date in Philadelphia.

    Presuming that is the case, Gargano will get the win in a match that has all of the potential in the world to be sneaky good and, even, steal the show. The competitors know each other well from having worked together for so long in NXT, and Theory's work between the ropes, it can be argued, has been underrated.

    Couple that with a laundry list of matches that point to Gargano's excellence, and there is a very real chance that theirs, if it occurs, is the best match on the entire card.

    Prediction: Gargano

Presumptive Match: Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

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    Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle appeared to have settled their feud for good at Clash at the Castle when The Visionary defeated The Original Bro clean in the center of the ring. That has not been the case in the aftermath of the match, though, as Riddle still has unfinished business with his foe.

    Though Rollins appears to have focused his attention on Bobby Lashley and the United States Championship, which he competes for Monday night on Raw, that is likely to be a one-off and the emphasis for one more showdown with Riddle.

    Expect the babyface to interject himself in that title match, cost Rollins the gold and force the heel's hand. After claiming he was moving on from Riddle, it would be all of the emphasis he needs to set up one last match with him.

    If that happens and the two do battle one more time on a premium live event, it would almost surely be to give Riddle his win back.

    Prediction: Riddle