WWE Rumors: Ezekiel Replaced by Elias on Internal Roster Following Injury Angle

Mike Chiari@@mikechiariFeatured Columnist IVSeptember 17, 2022

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The performer behind WWE Superstar Ezekiel reportedly may be undergoing another character change in the near future.

According to PWInsider.com's Mike Johnson, Ezekiel is now being listed as Elias on WWE's internal roster.

Ezekiel was written off television several weeks ago when Kevin Owens put him on the shelf with an apron powerbomb. WWE then ran a segment that saw Ezekiel laid up in a hospital bed with his family surrounding him, including his "brother" Elias.

The Ezekiel character debuted earlier this year on the Raw after WrestleMania 38. It was clear to everyone watching that Ezekiel was just Elias with a clean-shaven face, and WWE played into that fact.

Owens called out Ezekiel for being Elias on multiple occasions, but Ezekiel always found a way to prevent KO from proving his theory.

There was even an episode of Raw that saw Elias make his return to WWE, and there was a segment that featured Elias and Ezekiel speaking to each other.

If WWE is indeed moving away from Ezekiel in favor of Elias, it may have something to do with a change in leadership, as Ezekiel was a creation of Vince McMahon.

Triple H took over as head of WWE creative after McMahon retired in July, and since he had a hand in creating Elias in NXT, he may favor that particular gimmick.

Before getting taken off television for nearly a year, Elias enjoyed great success as a heel on the main roster, as his musical performances tended to garner a ton of heat.

Triple H could go back to that by reintroducing the Elias character, or he could simply be planning to add even more layers to the Elias-Ezekiel story, which is an angle that seemed to get over with fans.

Whatever the case, the man behind Elias and Ezekiel is a talented performer, and the product will be even better when he makes his return.

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