AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 7

Erik BeastonSeptember 7, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 7

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    Daniel Garcia challenged for the ROH Pure title in his hometown of Buffalo, New York./Credit: AEW

    On the heels of the most tumultuous four days in the company's history, All Elite Wrestling made its Buffalo, New York debut Wednesday night with one of its most hotly anticipated broadcasts.

    Tony Khan promised to give an update on the AEW world and trios titles after a reported backstage incident involving CM Punk, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks that led to several suspensions, per Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

    In the ring, hometown star Daniel Garcia sought to relieve Wheeler Yuta of the Ring of Honor Pure Championship while new AEW women's champion Toni Storm battled Penelope Ford in a Championship Eliminator match.

    Oh, and MJF spoke for the first time since what should have been a momentous return to the company Sunday night.

Match Card

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    • MJF promo
    • Chris Jericho promo
    • Championship Eliminator: Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford
    • Ring of Honor Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia
    • Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) vs, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

Jon Moxley Interrupted MJF's Return Promo

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    Credit: AEW

    Tony Khan made a major announcement to start the show: He has vacated the AEW World and Trios Championships. The latter would be determined later in the show when Death Triangle faced Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.

    And the world title will be determined in a tournament featuring Jon Moxley, "Hangman" Adam Page, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.

    New No. 1 contender MJF hit the ring with a ton of energy, sporting a Josh Allen jersey and carrying himself like the world's biggest babyface. He was almost obnoxiously positive before Moxley interrupted.

    Mox answered MJF's inevitable heel turn on the crowd with an impassioned promo that instantly ranked among the best of his entire career and left the fans on their feet and the commentary team admitting to goosebumps.

    This was exactly what this show needed. Given everything that has happened in the last few days, relying on company workhorses like Moxley and MJF to win the crowd over and deliver big time on the mic was the right call.

    Tony Khan deserves blame for the creative shortcomings of late, but to his credit, he chose right with the booking of this segment and the announcement regarding the titles.



    Top Moments

    • "Buffalo, the devil is back!" MJF said. 
    • "I was just kidding, guys. I love AEW. I'm never leaving this place!"
    • "Buffalo, I'm not telling you I'm Moses. That's ridiculous. I'm better than Moses," he said, suggesting he can be the leader for the AEW locker room.
    • "Jon, I don't know if you're a little woozy because you went to sleep on Sunday..." MJF slid one reference to CM Punk into the promo.
    • "Maybe I take that title to a real wrestling company, with real fans and real wrestlers, like my friend and hero, "The American Roller Code-ster" Cody Rhodes.
    • MJF teased going to WWE and working for Nick Khan and Triple H, with a huge grin on his face the whole time. 
    • "Bryan Danielson...a better wrestler than I will ever be," Moxley gave props to his Blackpool Combat Club teammate prior to the upcoming tournament.

AEW Trios Championship Match: Death Triangle vs. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

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    Credit: AEW

    Two trios, featuring six competitors who had been with AEW since day one, clashed to determine new AEW world trios champions as Death Triangle's PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix battled Orange Cassidy and Best Friends' Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor.

    This was the high-energy, spot-heavy match we have come to expect out of trios wrestling in AEW, with some great intensity shown by PAC and not nearly enough from Cassidy.

    A trio of Canadian Destroyers by Death Triangle proved to be the difference as they stunned the opposition, allowing The Lucha Bros to wipe out Taylor and Cassidy at ringside while The Bastard finished Taylor off with the Black Arrow to claim the titles.

    Yes, Death Triangle are a great trio and a consistently great act for AEW. They can be relied on to carry their side of things once the bell rings, so it makes sense that the company would be comfortable putting the titles on them.

    With that said, this really should have been Best Friends and Cassidy's crowning moment. They have been as steady and over as any act in the promotion, with Freshly Squeezed among the most popular since day one. They have always been the bridesmaids, though.

    The opportunity was there to reward them for their hard work but it was missed.


    Death Triangle defeated Best Friends and Cassidy to win the AEW World Trios Championship



    Top Moments

    • PAC exhibited predictable aggression as he stomped away at Cassidy, with the history between them being no secret to longtime AEW fans.
    • A confrontation between Danhausen and Alex Abrahantes allowed Freshly Squeezed to fight back into the match and make a much-needed tag.
    • Death Triangle uncorked a trio of Canadian Destroyers to set up the finish.

AEW Interim Women's World Championship Eliminator Match: Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford

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    Credit: AEW

    On the heels of the biggest win of her young career, in which she defeated three other women to become interim AEW women's world champion, Toni Storm battled Penelope Ford in a Championship Eliminator match.

    The 26-year-old found herself on the defensive early and often in the match, with a game Ford working over a Storm who was still recovering from an intensely physical contest Sunday in Chicago.

    However, the Antipodean gutted through it and countered a Northern Lights Suplex into a DDT for the win.

    This was a nice showcase for Storm and a reminder that Ford is a viable contender in the women's division, but most of the match happened during the picture-in-picture break, something that has plagued this particular roster since day one.

    Storm is a big deal, but she did not feel like one here in her first appearance with the interim title. She earned better than that, even if she still went over.


    Storm defeated Ford



    Top Moments

    • After the match, The Acclaimed entered the arena to a thunderous ovation, only to be interrupted by Swerve Strickland. A brief exchange served as a hype job for Dynamite Grand Slam on September 22.
    • Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviewed Chris Jericho, who said "This is my effing locker room and no one is taking it away from me. Ever!" in a response to the drama of the last few days. 
    • "We don't like turtles!" Jericho exclaimed randomly, but hilariously.

TNT Championship Match: Wardlow vs. Tony Nese

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    Credit: AEW

    TNT champion Wardlow defended his title against Tony Nese, who was accompanied to the ring by "Smart" Mark Sterling. It went about as well as you would expect.

    Wardlow steamrolled The Super Athlete, putting him away with three consecutive powerbombs.

    Afterward, Josh Woods saved both Nese and Sterling from further punishment but it was a post-match promo from Wardlow that stood out.

    Answering critics who suggested his momentum is gone, he reminded the audience that this is Wardlow's World. It was intense, no-nonsense and set him up to be the destructive force he was before he took a backseat in recent months.


    Wardlow defeated Nese to retain



    Top Moments

    • Nese started the match by suggesting Wardlow tighten up his pecs, according to the commentary team. He paid for it quickly. 
    • Darby Allin cut a pre-taped promo, challenging Sammy Guevara to show up to their world title tournament match Friday on Rampage by himself.

Grand Slam Tournament of Champions: Hangman Page vs. Bryan Danielson

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    Credit: AEW

    For the third time in AEW history, Bryan Danielson and "Hangman" Adam Page battled in a high-stakes singles match, with the winner facing Chris Jericho in the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions next week.

    As expected, the two men tore the house down with a great match that set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Their chemistry is off the charts and that was on full display Wednesday night.

    The bout was not as long or dramatic as their previous encounters, but it still had the fans in Buffalo popping for the near-falls and false finishers down the line. It didn't end with an emphatic finisher but, rather, Danielson outwrestling Hangman with an O'Connor Roll.

    It sets up Danielson vs. Jericho in the semifinals, a match that should attract an audience next week.

    Where Page goes from here remains to be seen but as one of the forefathers of AEW who isn't suspended, don't be surprised to see Tony Khan lean on him in a key role.


    Danielson pinned Page



    Top Moments

    • There was a tepid crowd reaction to Page, as though the fans in Buffalo were not sure if they wanted to embrace or reject him.
    • Danielson hung Hangman up in the corner, unloading on him with his trademark kicks to the chest. He added a baseball slide for good measure.
    • Page delivered a Deadeye for a close near-fall.

ROH Pure Championship Match: Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia

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    Credit: AEW

    Hometown hero Daniel Garcia challenged Wheeler Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship in the main event at KeyBank Center in Buffalo.

    While their previous encounters have been more cerebral and methodical, this was fought with a greater sense of urgency and the result was an easier-to-follow contest that wasn't bogged down by the unnecessary pure wrestling rules.

    The crowd was completely behind Garcia, treating Wheeler like the biggest heel in the building for reaching for the ropes and then catching his opponent with a closed-fist punch.

    Garcia winning via submission was the right call, even if it was somewhat predictable. It solidified Bryan Danielson's claims that the 24-year-old is a professional wrestler and not a sports entertainer, and it provided the young competitor a signature win.

    The post-match was great, particularly the look of disbelief on Chris Jericho's face as he watched Danielson strap the title around the winner's waist, realizing he had likely just lost an associate and someone he can manipulate for his own benefit.

    Suddenly, the Jericho-Danielson match for next week's show carries more weight given the tug of war for Garcia that has become one of the most prominent stories in AEW.


    Garcia defeated Yuta to win the ROH Pure Championship



    Top Moments

    • Garcia entered the arena while Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn played him to the ring. 
    • Champion and challenger unloaded with ear-shattering chops to each other's chest. 
    • Yuta used the first of his rope breaks late in the match, then followed it up with a warning for utilizing a closed fist.
    • Garcia kicked out of the seatbelt pin that his opponent used to defeat him at Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor.
    • Garcia and Yuta adhered to the Code of Honor with a post-match handshake while Bryan Danielson appeared and strapped the title around the new champion's waist.

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