WWE Rumors on Braun Strowman; Ronda Rousey Downplays Title; Priest Talks Bray Wyatt

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Strowman Reportedly Set for Babyface Run on SmackDown

WWE reportedly already has firm plans for Braun Strowman following his return to the company on Monday night's episode of Raw.

According to PWInsider.com's Mike Johnson, Strowman will be part of the SmackDown brand and will be portrayed as a babyface.

More than a year after his shocking release from WWE, Strowman made a surprise return Monday when he interrupted a Fatal 4-Way match to determine the No. 1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Strowman destroyed every team in the match, taking out The Street Profits, New Day, Alpha Academy and Los Lotharios.

There were rumblings about Strowman showing up on Raw, and he did so in an impactful way, before announcing that he would be present for Friday's episode of SmackDown.

Strowman was once among WWE's top stars, holding the universal, intercontinental and Raw tag team titles during his first run with the company.

His release came amid budget cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was highly unexpected because of the belief that Vince McMahon was a huge fan of The Monster Among Men.

Since McMahon's retirement in July, new head of WWE creative Triple H has made his mark on the company by bringing back several talents who were either released or didn't re-sign, and Strowman is the latest example.

Given how Strowman was presented on Raw, he could be in line for a massive push in the near future.

Rousey Doesn't Feel She Needs a Title

Ronda Rousey doesn't believe she needs a championship to be one of WWE's top stars.

Speaking on her YouTube channel (h/t Subhojeet Mukherjee of ThirstyForNews.com), Rousey discussed the idea of not having a title and compared it to a WWE Hall of Famer and one of her idols in "Rowdy" Roddy Piper:

"I mean, definitely I guess but also, I feel like I don't need it. I've been liking my non-title run because Roddy Piper never really needed the titles to make him great, you know? And I enjoy not having all my stories be dependent on the title, and also just having more storylines out there for the women. So, everything for the women almost always involves the title and a lot of the men have non-title storylines all the time, and so I am happy to take some non-title storylines to just give more storylines to the women total, you know?"

To Rousey's point, Piper was never world champion in WWE, but he was the top heel in the company for several years in the 1980s and Hulk Hogan's chief rival.

Piper was able to remain relevant without a title due to his mic skills and storytelling ability, and he is considered an all-time great because of that.

Much of Rousey's time in WWE has been spent as a champion, as she spent 231 days as Raw women's champion in 2018 and 2019, and she won the SmackDown Women's Championship this year not long after returning from her hiatus.

Rousey dropped the title to Liv Morgan at Money in the Bank and lost a rematch at SummerSlam, and since then she has been evolving her character.

The former UFC champion attacked Morgan and an official after the SummerSlam match, and she has taken out several security guards since then, and was even ordered to be arrested by WWE official Adam Pearce recently.

Rousey has the type of attitude as a character that the fans are taking to, and she has seemingly been far more interesting than she was as champion.

Having Rousey in the title hunt will always be a consideration because of her credentials, but she has shown that it isn't necessary.

Priest Open to Feuding with Wyatt

There has been no shortage of speculation regarding Bray Wyatt eventually returning to WWE, and one notable Raw talent has gone on record as saying that he would love to work with him.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Judgment Day member Damian Priest said the following when asked if he would like to have a feud with Wyatt one day:

"Absolutely, of course—the guy's extremely smart with how to present himself and you can always learn from someone like that. And getting to work with him, I think he's a fantastic performer. That would be cool to be able to do something with him. For sure, if there was ever a day that that was a possibility, that would be cool."

Wyatt was surprisingly released from WWE in the summer of 2021 after being kept off television following his WrestleMania 37 loss to Randy Orton.

In the year since then, many reports have come out regarding rumors of Wyatt and then-WWE chairman, CEO and head of creative Vince McMahon clashing.

Triple H has already brought back several Superstars who were released under McMahon, so there is a belief that he would be willing to bring back Wyatt as well.

Wyatt has long been regarded as one of the most creative minds in wrestling, and it helped make him a three-time world champion in WWE and one of the most popular Superstars in the company.

Much like Strowman, Wyatt would likely receive a hugely positive response upon returning, and he would give Triple H another top guy to work with.

Wyatt hasn't appeared for any other wrestling company since his WWE release, and that would likely make it an even bigger deal if and when he resurfaces in WWE.

The Judgment Day, made up of Priest, Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley and now Dominik Mysterio, has a dark and almost supernatural feel, so Wyatt would be the perfect opponent for them at some point.

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