AEW Blood & Guts 2022 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Erik BeastonJune 29, 2022

AEW Blood & Guts 2022 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    On the heels of its Forbidden Door pay-per-view, All Elite Wrestling presented a special edition of Dynamite, entitled Blood & Guts.

    The main event was a same-titled match, which pitted a team led by new AEW interim world champion Jon Moxley against a group headed by Chris Jericho, inside two rings enclosed in a double steel cage.

    Which team emerged victorious at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit and put an end to their increasingly personal battle for supremacy?

    Find out now with this recap of the June 29 broadcast.

Match Card

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    • Blood & Guts match: Chris Jericho, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara vs. Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz
    • Orange Cassidy vs. "All Ego" Ethan Page
    • TBS champion Jade Cargill vs. Leila Grey
    • Danhausen and two mystery partners vs. The Gunn Club and Max Caster
    • Christian Cage promo

Orange Cassidy vs. 'All Ego' Ethan Page

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    Orange Cassidy looked to earn a signature victory when he squared off with the Men of the Year's "All Ego" Ethan Page.

    Freshly Squeezed found himself on the defensive early on and throughout the picture-in-picture commercial break.

    Cassidy fought his way back, though. And, after capitalizing on a miscommunication between Page and Lambert, he delivered the bodyslam he failed three other times to execute and earned the pinfall victory.

    Two things were readily apparent here: Cassidy's return could not have come at a better time and Page might be the most underrated guy on the AEW roster.

    First, Cassidy's timing and comedic value are vastly underappreciated. His ability to mesh character with in-ring work is a breath of fresh air given the more serious competitors up and down the rest of the roster.

    Second, Page is too good to be the tagalong he has become. He is better than being a tag team partner to TNT champion Scorpio Sky or the fall guy every time the Men of the Year team need a guy to do the job.

    He is charismatic, smart and beyond talented between the ropes. He has earned the opportunity to do more, and hopefully AEW realizes that before it loses him to another promotion.


    Cassidy defeated Page



    Top Moments

    • Cassidy entered to Jefferson Starship's iconic, "Jane," which was the theme he used during his days on the independent scene.
    • Dan Lambert had referee Bryce Remsburg ban Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta from ringside since they did not have manager licenses.
    • "Finish this guy! He looks like he's 12 years old!" Lambert exclaimed from ringside.
    • Cassidy's counter into Stundog Millionaire is one of the best in AEW.
    • Cassidy delivered the bodyslam, an ode to Hulk Hogan's iconic slam to Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III in Detroit.

Christian Cage Speaks; Luchasaurus in Action

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    Christian Cage cut another disgusting promo on Jungle Boy and his family before introducing the new-look Luchasaurus, who entered to new theme music and all-black ring gear.

    The masked big man proceeded to squash Serpentico, defeating him with a modified Snare Trap in a warning to his seemingly former tag team partner.

    After the match, he delivered a chokeslam on the floor, further solidifying his heel status.

    If there was one thing AEW did not need, it was a heel Luchasaurus. Sure, Cage has been nothing short of extraordinary since turning into a villain and will do everything in his power to ensure the heavyweight gets over with the fans.

    Still, it is a major disappointment that the hugely over Jurassic Express have come to an end with a whimper, robbing fans of what could have been a big-money angle.

    Backstage, Wardlow and Scorpio Sky agreed to a Street Fight for the TNT Championship on next week's show because, well, Sky loves losing that title. Or something like that.


    Luchasaurus defeated Serpentico


    C for the match; A for Cage's unrelentingly insulting promo

    Top Moments

    • Cage insulted Jungle Boy's family before motioning for the young star's mother to call him.
    • Cage: "The only thing good about Detroit is that it's close to Canada."
    • Wardlow appearing unfazed by anything Sky had to say is just peak badassery.

Danhausen and Friends vs. Max Caster and The Gunn Club

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    Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Danhausen had a major surprise in store for Max Caster and Austin and Colten Gunn Wednesday night when he introduced his mystery tag team partners: Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling tag team champions FTR (Dash Harwood and Cash Wheeler).

    The heels still got the best of the very nice/very evil babyface, though, cutting him off from his partners and wearing him down throughout the commercial break.

    A hot tag to Harwood brought the babyfaces back into the match and botched interference from the healed Anthony Bowens allowed Danhausen to score the pinfall victory. After the match, frustration mounted, leading to Billy Gunn shoving his own son, Austin, to the mat.

    The match was a far cry from the classic encounters FTR have delivered of late, but the fans probably should not have expected as much from this one. It was fun, inoffensive and featured a fairly significant development in Bowens' return to health.

    The biggest takeaway is the impending feud between The Gunn Club and The Acclaimed, which probably should result in the latter making a full babyface turn to go along with the extraordinary reactions Bowens and Caster receive when they enter the arena.


    Danhausen and FTR defeated Gunn Club and Caster



    Top Moments

    • Caster rapped a line about the water in Flint, Michigan that drew him his first heat of the night.
    • The pop for FTR at this point is otherworldly.
    • Harwood obliterated Austin with a barrage of German suplexes that generated a loud "FTR" chant.
    • Austin botched an ugly attempt at a hip toss neckbreaker. 
    • Bowens rose from his wheelchair and attempted to hit Danhausen with a crutch, only to accidentally blast Austin and cost the heels the win.

Jade Cargill vs. Leila Grey

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    Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Leila Grey stepped up to the plate and accepted the open challenge laid out by TBS champion Jade Cargill.

    Despite a resilient performance that saw her get a few shots in on the champion, Grey faced the same result 33 other women had before her: defeat at the hands of the most dominant force in women's wrestling.

    After the match, trash talk from Stokely Hathaway brought Kris Statlander and Athena to the ring, only to be beaten down by Cargill, Kiera Hogan and Grey, who sought a potential "in" with the champ.

    The contest itself was rather nondescript, but the idea of Grey joining Hogan, Hathaway and Cargill is intriguing. She clearly has potential, and sliding into that group would immediately enhance her stature on the show and give her a spotlight she has not yet had in her young career.

    It also allows the heels to make up for the absence of Red Velvet, who recently suffered an injury.


    Cargill defeated Grey



    Top Moments

    • "Homegirl hasn't even filled out a W-2!" Hathaway said of Grey after the match and the fact that she does not officially work for AEW. 
    • "You're not overlooked, you're just lazy!" Hathaway told Statlander and Athena, explaining why they have not had an opportunity to dethrone Cargill to this point.
    • Grey attacked Statlander and Athena, teasing a future alliance with Cargill and the Baddies.

Blood & Guts: Blackpool Combat Club vs. Jericho Appreciation Society

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    The Jericho Appreciation Society's Chris Jericho, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara battled AEW interim world champion John Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Santana, Ortiz, Wheeler Yuta and Eddie Kingston in the hotly anticipated Blood & Guts match.

    The contest lived up to the hype of the company and the expectations of the audience.

    There was plenty of blood spilled and numerous weapons were utilized throughout. Pain and suffering came from shattered glass, thumbtacks, steel chairs, kendo sticks and the unforgiving steel of the cage.

    In the end, the match culminated on top of the structure, made possible by Tay Conti's interference and her unlocking the cage door, which allowed Jericho to escape to the sanctuary of the roof...until Kingston followed.

    Guevara followed but took a big bump through a wooden platform, as did Menard and Castagnoli. It was Menard tapping to the Swiss star that brought about the victory while simultaneously teasing heat between the newcomer and Kingston, who took exception to his partner ruining his chance to avenge months of torment at the hands of Jericho.

    Admittedly, the match is not to everyone's taste. It was brutal, violent and bloody. There wasn't much of a story thread to be found beyond the closing moments, although individual stars like Yuta, Castagnoli and Parker shined at different points.

    Kingston failing to deal Jericho his comeuppance was a major disappointment given it is the feud that necessitated the whole thing, but Castagnoli stealing The Mad King's thunder sets the stage for their rivalry, a carryover from their days in former U.S. promotion Chikara.

    Like it or not, the match promised bloody brawling and delivered in spades. That it was better than last year's incarnation was the icing on the cake.


    Blackpool Combat Club, Kingston, Santana and Ortiz defeated Jericho Appreciation Society



    Top Moments

    • "We the people!" chants spilled from the stands in recognition of the history between Hager and Castagnoli
    • Moxley entered the ring ahead of Kingston, building to the latter's arrival and putting over his issues with Jericho as the emphasis for the match in the first place.
    • Moxley introduced broken glass to the fray, piledriving Parker onto it. 
    • Raucous cries of "Eddie!" spread through Little Caesars Arena as Kingston paced back and forth outside of the steel structure, ready to unload on the opposition.
    • Tay Conti served as the heater outside the ring, passing weapons and opening the cage door before catching an ass-whupping from Ruby Soho.
    • Kingston sent Guevara from the top of the cage and through a wooden platform set up at ringside. 
    • The finish saw Castagnoli force the tapout from Menard, robbing Kingston of the chance to humiliate Jericho.

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