Which WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Match Results Will Enrage Fans?

Donald WoodJune 29, 2022

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The next WWE pay-per-view on the schedule is Money in the Bank, but many fans have already started to sour on the event due to poor booking and lackluster character development.

From the wildly unpopular Ronda Rousey continuing her run as a babyface by dominating Natalya in a match few want to see through to Theory defying the odds and handing Bobby Lashley another loss he doesn’t deserve, Saturday’s event is set up to be a disappointment.

Here are the results from Money in the Bank that are sure to enrage the WWE Universe.

Ronda Rousey Keeps on Rolling

WWE's Ronda Rousey experiment is failing, but the company doesn't see the writing on the wall.

It is banking on fans getting behind the former UFC star and making her one of the few bona fide PPV draws in all of wrestling, but she isn't working as a babyface right now. Instead of turning her heel and embracing the hate, she continues to cut poor promos and act like an unrelatable hero.

Natalya is one of the best workers in the entire women’s division, but there isn’t a concrete reaction from fans when she hits the ring. While some love her due to her Hart family ties, many are indifferent due to the lack of consistent storytelling.

WWE continues to fail at putting Rousey in a position to succeed and her lopsided domination of The Queen of Harts on Saturday will not help her character in any form or fashion.

After her win at Money in the Bank, it’s time to turn The Baddest Woman on the Planet loose as a despicable heel.

Theory Steals Win From Bobby Lashley

Lashley is one of the most imposing forces in wrestling, but Saturday’s PPV will likely see Theory successfully defend his United States Championship via heel tactics to ensure a SummerSlam match against John Cena.

Lashley should be fighting for a world title—or at least booked in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match—instead of being used as a glorified enhancement talent against the U.S titleholder.

Theory has developed into a strong heel who generates the desired negative reactions from the fans, but The All Mighty shouldn’t be in this position. There are other Superstars—look no further than Mustafa Ali or Rey Mysterio—who could take the loss and still make the champion look strong ahead of a likely bout with Cena.

The hope is the creative team allows Lashley to look like a dominant force throughout the match, only for Theory to steal the win through dastardly measures at the very end, thus protecting the former WWE champion.

Otherwise, the company is wasting one of its most talented performers.

Drew McIntyre Should Win, But Won’t

The men’s Money in the Bank ladder match is one of the most anticipated of the year, but the 2022 winner will disappoint fans of long-term storytelling.

Instead of letting Drew McIntyre set the stage for Clash at the Castle, WWE will go down a familiar road by allowing Seth Rollins to steal the briefcase.

Sometimes, WWE Creative playing it safe can be a massive mistake.

There is no doubt Rollins continues to be one of the most reliable performers on the roster for WWE, but he should step aside for the Scot to win the contract and cash it in ahead of time for a main event match against Roman Reigns at the PPV in Cardiff, Wales, on September 3.

While the company struggled to contend with protocols and backlash during the pandemic, McIntyre led it with class and dignity as WWE champion without ever receiving the proper coronation.

If The Scottish Warrior cashed in the MITB briefcase and beat Reigns for the Undisputed WWE World Championship in the United Kingdom, it would create one of the most iconic moments in modern wrestling history.

McIntyre should win on Saturday, but it will be Rollins who steals the briefcase in classic fashion.

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