Buffalo Sabres Need to Get Moving Before It's Too Late

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2012

Buffalo Sabres Need to Get Moving Before It's Too Late

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    As a life long Sabres fan, it's painful to see what the Sabres are going through. What's even worse is I can't even watch it at my house since we're blacked out, so I'm subject to checking the Internet to be disappointed.

    What everyone thought was one of the most promising teams in the NHL for this year has turned into a train wreck, and right now it looks like the only way to right this is to blow the team up, and retry next year.

    The Sabres need to correct some issues, and realize the limitations they are stuck with for this year's team as well.

Moving Big Names

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    The Sabres are doomed if they don't trade some marquee players.

    Right now contracts like Ville Leino, Drew Stafford, and Derek Roy are all looming over management's heads for years to come, and the only way to get rid of that is to trade away one of your best players.

    If the Sabres do this, of course they'll get an equivalent to, say Thomas Vanek, and then they can pile Stafford in to clear cap and get a younger player.

    It's a heartbreaking move to let a Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville, etc go but it has to happen. As it stands, the Sabres haven't found anyone interested enough to execute a trade for Derek Roy and Drew Stafford.

New Management

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    The house clearing starts with a GM who has never been bold. Who has never made a move that rocked the team. 

    Right now with the support he has from Terry Pegula, he has no reason to make moves that are out of his comfort zone either.

    However, if this team wants to move forward and rebuild, either Darcy Regier will have to change his philosophy or be ousted. A radical restructuring of a team requires some drastic moves, which Regier has never made in his career.

New Coaching

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    I don't understand the assistant coach situation for the Sabres, but I can tell you that as great a person as Lindy Ruff is, it may be best for both parties to separate.

    Lindy's been tied down to one team, one talent pool. If given the opportunity, he could do well with a different crop of players that the Sabres will never have.

    In addition, in 13 seasons of coaching the Sabres, Ruff has no Stanley Cup. No offense, but I haven't heard of a coach who has no major title for his team in over a decade retaining his job. It doesn't seem logical. 

    At this point, Lindy Ruff's ideas may be just worn out in Buffalo, and it is time to give the Sabres, and Ruff a new chance.

Ownership Needs to Step Up

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    Terry Pegula became one of the most liked owners in sports from day one of buying the Buffalo Sabres.

    He loves the Sabres, it was his childhood dream to own an NHL team, he wants the fans to see a winning team. He wants a Stanley Cup.

    For someone who has the business knowledge of what it takes to ascend to greatness, I'm shocked that Pegula hasn't either started asking Ted Black questions on what they're going to do, or do things himself. He's letting the amount that he cares for the people get in the way of the success that he preached when he bought the Sabres.

    As of now, the Buffalo Sabres are in crisis mode, and just sitting on your hands can't get much done.


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