WWE: The New Nexus and the 25 Biggest Epic Failures of 2011

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2011

WWE: The New Nexus and the 25 Biggest Epic Failures of 2011

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    Throughout the course of 2011, we've borne witness to some of the most memorable moments in WWE history, including the Rock's shocking return, CM Punk's epic promo this past June, and Daniel Bryan capturing his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship.

    All in all, I personally believe that the year of 2011 has overall been one of the better years in recent WWE history, despite much speculation from numerous members of the IWC.

    However, 2011 has had its share of moments that most of us would like to instead forget, or rather have forgotten already due to that moments minimal significance or just the case of horrendous booking. Usually, backstage officials have the tendency to begin an angle that they eventually don't follow up on, causing confusion in the eyes of viewers in addition to insulting our intelligence.

    Here, I've composed a list of 25 moments, angles, Superstars and more that one would classify as the biggest epic failures to ever occur in the past year. If you can't recall some of the following things ever happening, I don't blame you whatsoever.

New Nexus

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    At the dawn of 2011, the most intriguing story-line going into the new year was the aftermath of CM Punk shockingly joining the Nexus as its new leader at the conclusion of last December. As weeks progressed, Punk shaped the ruthless stable into a formation of his own, effectively removing a number of the original members and renaming the group the New Nexus in the process.

    Although the group seemed to be a force to be reckoned with in their early feud against John Cena, they later became vulnerable at every turn when CM Punk's WrestleMania 27 opponent, Randy Orton, punted each of Punk's followers in the skull in the weeks leading up to the Show of Shows.

    Despite Punk proclaiming how the New Nexus was stronger than ever in late May, the New Nexus would subsequently become irrelevant as the Straightedge Savior distanced himself from them once the summer began.

    One can only imagine how much power the Nexus would have maintained had they kept Wade Barrett as the head of the vengeful stable.

The Great Khali's Heel Turn

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    Upon his move back to SmackDown in the 2011 WWE Supplemental Draft, The Great Khali was engaged in an angle with the debuting Jinder Mahal. In following weeks, Mahal persuaded Khali to his bidding, such as demolishing Mahal's opponents after his matches.

    Once Khali turned on his translator Rajin Singh in late May, I was immediately intrigued in the former World Heavyweight Champion's character for the first time in years. Khali was once again a dominant force on SmackDown, bringing back the threatening aspect that we haven't seen since 2008.

    Hell, he even brought back his old entrance theme, "Da.ngr", for one night only in late August! 

    However, all good things must come to an end, but it seemed like Khali's monster reign came to abrupt halt way too soon after he turned on Mahal in September. Soon afterwards, the Punjabi Nightmare would return back to his campy comedy character for a few weeks before thankfully leaving the company to resume his acting career in India. 

Dolph Ziggler's World Championship Run

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    On the premiere edition of SmackDown of 2011, Dolph Ziggler shockingly emerged victorious in a Fatal Four Way match to determine the number one contender for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. At the event and on following editions of SmackDown, Ziggler always came up short when contending for the golden prize.

    In early February, Edge was "fired" from Friday nights due to utilizing his banned Spear finishing maneuver the week before in his title match against Ziggler. Subsequently, interim General Manager Vickie Guerrero would crown the bleached-blonde Superstar the new World Heavyweight Champion in the process.

    Much to Ziggler's dismay, Teddy Long would reemerge moments later to notify Vickie that Edge was instead reinstated and would receive his rematch for the World Championship immediately. Within five minutes, the Rated-R Superstar would reclaim his strap, making Ziggler's brief championship reign one of the shortest in history.

    Now, I would classify this as a bigger failure than Big Show's brief reign merely because Ziggler didn't deserve to win his first World title in this fashion. Fortunately, the former Intercontinental Champion has since recovered and will receive a much-deserved shot at the WWE Championship next week on Raw.  

Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

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    At the conclusion of 2010, a feud between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole was heavily being discussed following Cole's interruption of Lawler's WWE Championship match against The Miz last November. Although there were floating rumors regarding a possible replacement for Cole such as Alex Riley in his WrestleMania 27 match against Lawler, no such thing ever came to fruition.

    In the weeks leading up to the Show of Shows, we were treated with horrendous build-up for this unanticipated match-up, that even included Cole taking shots at Lawler's dead mother. At the event, just when we thought it was all over and done with following the King's pin-fall victory, the Anonymous General Manager opted to reverse the decision in favor of Cole, making for one of the most groan-worthy moments in WrestleMania history.

    Soon afterward, the despicable feud would continue with Michael Cole continuing to get the best of Jerry Lawler, not to mention his tag team victory over the King at the Extreme Rules event. Thankfully, the rivalry concluded at Over the Limit in a Kiss My Foot match, but nothing could erase the atrocious memories that have I've collected through this never-ending feud.

    I'm not exactly sure as to how the Creative Team saw any potential in an altercation between two Raw commentators that can hardly wrestle, or as to why it was dragged on for so long. The worst part of it all was the fact that the two have forgotten the entire six month conflict between them ever happened following Cole's weak apology in May, despite Cole's disgusting tactics towards Lawler on numerous compassion.

John Cena Drafted to SmackDown

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    Due to Edge's unexpected retirement from pro wrestling this past April, officials opted to move the annual WWE Draft to late April instead of its original placement in June. In the first thirty minutes of the show, it was revealed that John Cena would be sent packing to SmackDown as the premiere pick in the Draft Lottery following the blue brand's victory in the inter-promotional battle royal moments prior.

    However, my mark-out moment was only temporary, as I soon realized that Cena's tenure on Friday nights would surely not last long. Sure enough, the former WWE Champion would sadly be drafted back to Raw as the final draft pick of the night in the six-man tag team main event match.

    Sadly, Monday nights will continue to be not watchable for as long as John Cena is in the company.

Tyson Kidd's Manager Services

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    As apart of the 2011 WWE Supplemental Draft, Tyson Kidd was moved over to the SmackDown brand where his skills could truly be showcased. In his debut match for the brand on WWE Superstars in early May, he also introduced his manager services from the legendary Michael P.S. Hayes as well.

    Hayes was quick to introduce put over Kidd as one of the few in the business today to aqquire the rare killer instinct, minutes prior to when Kidd soundly defeated Barreta in an entertaining contest. Unfortunately, Kidd's paring with Hayes was short-lived, as Hayes would soon turn on the former WWE Tag Team Champion following his loss to Yoshi Tatsu.

    In subsequent weeks, Kidd would be accompanied by such talents including Vickie Guerrero, Matt Striker, JTG and even the returning Armando Estrada at one point, all to no avail. By the summer time, the former Hart Dynasty member would find himself flying solo, still without any real success.

Firing Jim Ross

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    During the never-ending saga between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler earlier this year, Jim Ross was surprisingly brought back to aid the King, even calling his match at WrestleMania 27. Ross would make a few appearances following the Show of Shows, but would never officially be reinstated as a commentator on Raw.

    However, all that changed when newly-appointed WWE COO Triple H resigned Jim Ross to a lucrative contract this past July, effectively putting the WWE Hall of Famer back in his rightful place behind the announcing booth.

    When John Laurinaitis took over the Interim Raw General Manager, he would fire Ross in October due to the fact that Ross showed no loyalty to the Game during the walkout. J.R. even competed in the "Michael Cole Challenge" in attempt to get his job back, but unfortunately came up short due to failing to succeed in the third competition.

    Ironically enough, it's been reported recently that backstage officials are analyzing Cole's commentary due to the burial of stars such as Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder he provides. It never ceases to amaze me as to why WWE doesn't utilize the greatest commentator in WWE history, who could certainly better the quality of WWE programming.

Brodus Clay's Pending Debut

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    Coming out of NXT Season Four, Brodus Clay looked to be the breakout star of the bunch, given his above-average in-ring skills and desirable promo talents as well. Clay would soon join his NXT Pro Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown, aiding him in his feud against then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge on the Road to WrestleMania 27.

    After his numerous appearances on SmackDown, Raw, Extreme Rules and even WrestleMania 27, the Mastodon of Mayhem would take a brief hiatus from television to film WWE Studio's newest film entitled "No One Lives". Upon his return, Clay was placed on WWE Superstars for a brief period of time, demolishing every local athlete that stood in his way.

    Towards the end of August, vignettes began to air on Raw weekly hyping the re-debut of Brodus Clay. Now, four months later, the former Snoop Dogg bodyguard has yet to reemerge on television, with his intriguing video packages pulled all together.

    Although John Laurinaitis has once again advertised the debut of Clay for next Monday night, it will disappointing to see how little of a reaction Clay will receive due much to the fact that they've done so little to hype his return in recent weeks.

Jinder Mahal

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    Upon his debut in early May, Jinder Mahal was said to be highly praised by backstage officials and was in line for a huge push, specifically for the WWE Tag Team Championships. After persuading The Great Khali to join him in his path of destruction, Mahal looked to have it all on Friday nights.

    After weeks of demolishing talent such as Trent Barreta and Yoshi Tatsu, Mahal never really received a storyline to work with while on SmackDown. His lack of direction would soon be his downfall, causing for Khali to turn on Mahal and continue on his own.

    Since then, Jinder Mahal has acquired more losses than most WWE Superstars on the roster at the moment, especially during his recent feud with Ted DiBiase that hasn't seen Mahal score a victory. Once seen as the second coming of Muhammad Hassan, Jinder Mahal is yet another example of lost potential.

The Corre

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    Similar to Raw's New Nexus, The Corre was a stable headed by Wade Barrett who jumped ship over to Friday nights on the premiere episode of SmackDown in 2011. He was later joined by NXT alumni Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, as well as the re-debuting Ezekiel Jackson.

    As January rolled on, the newly-formed group had much potential to be a breath of fresh air that the blue brand needed. In a shocking turn of events, Gabriel was even successful in defeating then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge in an upset victory at one point, foreshadowing a future feud between Corre and the Rated-R Superstar.

    In mid-March, the Corre reached its climax when Barrett, Gabriel and Slater all held gold simultaneously. Shortly afterwards, the stable's stock went downhill from there during their rivalry with Big Show and Kane, being decimated by the two monsters at every turn.

    Once Ezekiel Jackson left the Corre and turned face, the stable only grew weaker from there with countless disqualification losses. By early June, it was a mutual decision from the NXT Season One rookies to go their separate ways, effectively putting a premature end to the Corre in the process.

Justin Gabriel's Stolen Entrance Theme

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    Shortly after the Corre disbanded, Justin Gabriel soon distanced himself away from former tag team partner Heath Slater as well. Before his match with Slater on the July 15th edition of SmackDown, Gabriel debuted a new entrance theme entitled "Power", a song that featured an African beat to it that fit the Capetown Werewolf to perfection.

    However, a short two weeks later, then-WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty would take the tune as their own, effectively forcing Gabriel to resort to something much more generic as his music. Otunga still uses "Power" as his entrance theme to this day, and I've hated him for stealing it ever since.

Dolph Ziggler's New Look

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    Following WrestleMania 27, Dolph Ziggler was in desperate need of a gimmick overhaul in order for his tenure on Monday nights to feel fresh. However, I feel he took it a bit too far when he debuted a completely new look on the April 18th edition of Raw, strongly resembling the Nicky character he once portrayed while apart of the Spirit Squad years ago.

    In following weeks, Ziggler seemed to maintain the same attitude he's always had, despite Vickie Guerrero claiming he was new and improved. Nonetheless, Ziggler would abandon his genetic look shortly afterwards and revert back to his bleached-blonde hairstyle that suits him best.

Jonah Hill's Advertised Appearance

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    Why did I ask a non-WWE Superstar to the list, you may ask? The reason behind it is completely forgettable, so bear with me.

    On the November 14th edition of Raw, pop culture icon Jonah Hill was announced to be the special guest star the following Monday night. Despite heavy advertising going into the show, Jonah Hill was a no-show, with absolutely no mention of his absence featured on television or any reasoning behind it.

    It was later reported that Hill was actually never present at that Raw show at all, and taped his segments prior to the episode so that they could be aired later. Oddly enough, all of his segments were cut out of the show due to time constraints, but I'm sure they could have cut some other pointless segment on Raw in favor of a celebrity such as Jonah Hill.

    These are the times when I feel WWE intentionally insults our intelligence.

Big Show's Raw Tenure

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    Apart of the 2011 WWE Draft, we witnessed Big Show get sent packing for the third straight year, this time over back home to Monday nights. Once he made his Raw debut, he would lose the WWE Tag Team Championships alongside Kane, get run over by Alberto Del Rio in his convertible, and get demolished by the monstrous Mark Henry each and every week.

    Following his loss to Henry at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July, Big Show return to the WWE in early October, however, now apparently apart of the SmackDown roster. It's extremely annoying to me when WWE decides to move Superstars without reasoning, especially when the WWE Draft is already pointless as it is.

The Walkout

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    A night removed from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Christian lead a group of Superstars in a rally against WWE COO Triple H following the actions that transpired with Awesome Truth at the event, adding that WWE has become an "unsafe work environment". Superstars, Divas, referees and more banded together in a vote of no confidence, reluctantly walking out at the conclusion of Raw.

    While a real-life scenario such as the NBA Lockout lasted months, WWE's "walkout" angle merely lasted week, where all the Superstars returned to work the following week when John Laurinaitis was appointed the new interim General Manager of Raw. May I mind you that all the Superstars were still at the show, just shown waiting outside the arena with their attire in hand.

    In what world is that realistic? 

Johnny Curtis

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    In the Season Four finale of WWE NXT, it was Johnny Curtis who beat out runner-up Brodus Clay to emerge victorious as WWE's next breakout star. Besides receiving an exclusive contract, Curtis was also guaranteed a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships with his Pro R-Truth.

    However, as time passed, neither his Raw or SmackDown debut nor his title shot came to fruition, mostly due to the fact that Truth eventually turned heel soon after. In early June, Curtis finally resurfaced in a series of clever vignettes that aired on Friday nights, subsequently leading to his anticipated debut in mid-August.

    Upon his long-awaited arrival on the blue brand, Curtis was demolished by Mark Henry within minutes and has yet to receive another singles match on SmackDown. Sure, he now appears on NXT as a heel, but isn't that a step backward?

Christian's World Heavyweight Championship Reigns

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    Upon Christian's return from injury this past February, it seemed as if he was finally being entered in a main event program with his old buddy, Edge, against an old nemesis in Alberto Del Rio over the World Heavyweight Championship. Everything seemed to be falling into place, as Christian was even able to stand in the corner of the Rated-R Superstar as he watched him successfully retain his World Heavyweight Championship.

    However, due to Edge's shocking retirement in April, Christian vowed to take the title of his fallen friend from Del Rio at Extreme Rules in a vicious Ladder Match. With help from Edge, Christian silenced his critics and celebrated with his peeps as he won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship in WWE.

    It was a glorious moment indeed, but sadly, it wouldn't last long.

    A mere five days later, Captain Charisma dropped the strap to Randy Orton in an impromptu bout in the main event, much to the dismay of members of the IWC. Surely, it would be the cause of his predicted heel turn, but even that flopped when he was portrayed no different than his own CLB gimmick from 2005.

    Of course, Christian captured his second World Championship at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July, but it was due to a weak finish of a disqualification. Additionally, his reign culminated a month later at SummerSlam, where we haven't seen Christian come anywhere close to recapturing it since.

Booker T on Commentary

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    Earlier in the year, Booker T made his shocking return to WWE as an entrant in the 2011 Royal Rumble Match. Rumors began to float as to how Booker would be utilized on television following the news broke that he signed an official contract, whether it be as a General Manager or even returning to the ring full-time.

    However, the five-time WCW Champion was instead placed on commentary alongside Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on SmackDown the week following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, effectively replacing Matt Striker behind the announcing booth. His first night on the job really didn't live up to many's expectations, as commentating as never really been Booker's forte.

    As months passed, his relationship with Cole only grew worse, as did his commentating skills. By this point, I've just grown numb to his idiotic catchphrases and mumbling voice, either that or hitting the mute button every time I watch SmackDown.

    Nonetheless, Booker T has since returned to the ring temporarily to feud with Intercontinental Champion, so hearing his voice less on SmackDown commentary has made my Friday nights a bit more enjoyable.

Sin Cara

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    As I mentioned in my article regarding Sin Cara's WWE career thus far, there was no one else on today's roster that was a bigger disappointment in my eyes than Sin Cara.

    Making his WWE debut the night following WrestleMania 27, Sin Cara looked to be one of the most captivating Superstars on the roster as shown in the vignettes weeks prior. WWE COO Triple H signed Mistico to an exclusive contract at the dawn of 2011, and apparently had big plans for the Mexican sensation.

    However, Sin Cara just seemed to disappoint every time he stepped in the ring, primarily because he couldn't speak any English. Although he was able to provide a few good performances with Christian, Evan Bourne and Ted DiBiase, it wasn't enough to bring Sin Cara to the next level on SmackDown.

    To make matters even worse, Mistico was suspended in mid-July for failing the WWE Wellness Policy, claiming he didn't have any idea what it was referring to. The Sin Cara character was later portrayed by Hunico for a short time before Mistico eventually returned to feud with him, causing for one of the most confusing feuds in WWE history.

    Once that horrendous feud finally culminated, Sin Cara was unfortunately injured badly during the five-on-five Elimination Tag Team Match at Survivor Series in late November, sidelining him for a total of six to nine months. It's quite a shame what Sin Cara's has shaped out to be thus far, but here's hoping he can improve while he's away and return better than ever in 2012.

Kevin Nash Texted... Kevin Nash

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    This past summer was one of the most intriguing times in recent memory, with all the controversy surrounding CM Punk, John Cena and the WWE Championship. At SummerSlam in August, CM Punk successfully retained the belt against Cena with Triple H serving as the Special Guest referee, but was laid waste to a returning Kevin Nash before Alberto Del Rio opportunistically cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the golden prize from a fallen Punk.

    The next night on Raw, CM Punk confronted Kevin Nash to question him for the cause of his actions at the biggest blockbuster of the summer, to which Nash replied that it was nothing personal and strictly business. He later claimed that he received a text from Triple H's phone ordering him to attack the winner of the WWE Championship match, adding even more interest into the on-going Punk saga.

    However, Nash later revealed weeks later that it was himself that texted... well, himself. Normally, that'd be typical for some teenagers when they're lonely, not for a grown man with no motive.

    Subsequently, Nash would be fired moments later by Triple H, but would later return to attack the Game and resume his feud with the former Kliq member.

    The story-line had so much potential, but was unfortunately wasted for absolutely no reason. That's what happens when you hire soap opera writers to write a wrestling script.


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    Nearly a year ago, news broke on the dirt sheets that former TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong was finally signed by WWE. After months and months of reports of what some believed Creative would repackage her as, vignettes began to air following WrestleMania 27 hyping the debut of the one known as Kharma.

    At the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Kharma made her official WWE debut attacking an unemployed Michelle McCool, leaving the Tampa crowd in shock and awe. In following weeks, Kharma would make random appearances on both Raw and SmackDown attacking Divas both heel and face, foreshadowing a feud with Kelly Kelly as well.

    However, her monstrous reign of terror would come to an abrupt halt three weeks later when she broke down in tears in the middle of the ring. It was later confirmed that Kharma was now pregnant, and would be unable to compete for the foreseeable future.

    Although she is slated to return sometime next year, it's clear that there hasn't been enough interest in the Divas division since her departure.

The WWE Championship

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    I can't remember another year in recent memory where the WWE Championship has changed hands more times than it did in 2011. Although the World Heavyweight Championship managed to change hands more times than the WWE Championship this year, we bared witness to six new WWE Champions within a three-month span.

    Between John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and the forgettable Rey Mysterio, it's safe to say that the WWE Championship has lost most of its prestige throughout the course of this year, if there was really any to begin with. Now, a new champion being crowned is nothing out of the ordinary, whereas it's actually predicted given how few title defenses each champion has provided.

    Thankfully, CM Punk is now our definite champion until hopefully WrestleMania 27. There is no reason to strip him of the gold at this point despite the rumors of the Straightedge Superstar not drawing strong ratings.

    To make matters even worse, a new design of the WWE Championship has yet to come to fruition despite much speculation. Here's hoping Punk does away with the spinner belt soon in favor of something much more classy.


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    Last February, ECW was replaced in favor of the newest innovative show, WWE NXT. Vince McMahon announced it as the next generation of stars, proclaiming it as the future of the WWE.

    While that may have been proven to be true at first, the seasons grew more painful as time progressed, now bringing us to it's current fifth season. Once the fourth season concluded, I was finally expected the long-awaited debuts of FCW stars such as Xavier Woods, Brett DiBiase and even Seth Rollins, with rumors circulating that the newest season could be revolved around second and third generation rookies.

    Instead, the show was changed to NXT: Redemption at the last minute, a format in which stars from NXT's past would compete against each other in attempt not earn a contract, but a spot in ANOTHER season of NXT.

    At this point, we'd be lucky if this season ever ended, as just finished it's 42nd week of its season that began in early March. We've been down the same three rookies for six months, with no end in sight.

    Currently, neither Derrick Bateman, Titus O'Neil, or Darren Young are even the focal point of the show, as it's merely turned into a rehash of WWE Superstars. WWE, please just give all three remaining rookies contracts so we can get the damn thing over with already.

Alberto Del Rio's Destiny

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    Since his debut in WWE last August, Alberto Del Rio has made it no secret that it was his destiny to one day become the WWE Champion. After emerging victorious in the first-ever 40-man Royal Rumble Match, Del Rio proved he was ready for a shot at the golden prize.

    Del Rio's demise first started at WrestleMania 27, when he came up short in capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge. History repeated itself the following month at Extreme Rules, as Christian defeated Del Rio to win the vacant strap in a Ladder Match.

    With his move over to Raw in the 2011 WWE Draft, Alberto Del Rio was determined for a fresh start, first attacking Big Show with his convertible and later defeating the giant at Capitol Punishment via referee stoppage. The following month, Del Rio defeated seven other top Raw stars to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase, giving hope back in the eyes of the IWC that Del Rio's destiny was still going strong.

    At SummerSlam, the Mexican aristocrat cashed in the opportunistic briefcase on CM Punk to capture the WWE Championship, therefore solidifying his self-proclaimed destiny. However, it would be short-lived as his reign only lasted a mere five weeks before dropping the belt to John Cena at Night of Champions.

    In a shocking turn of events, Del Rio was able to recapture the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell by outsmarting Cena, but would later be booked as an extremely weak champion. Unsurprisingly, Del Rio submitted to Punk at Survivor Series, ending his uneventful second reign as champ.

    In addition to coming short in recapturing the belt at TLC, Alberto Del Rio suffered an unfortunate groin injury that will keep him sidelined for the next month. Although he's promised a more aggressive trait of his character upon his return, I wouldn't think anything of it.

Anonymous Raw General Manager

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    In what was perhaps the biggest epic failure of 2011 was the anonymous Raw General Manager. After nearly a year of twists and teasers, the revealing of the person behind the laptop never came to fruition.

    Following Bret Hart's ambush from the Nexus last May, Vince McMahon appointed a new General Manager of Raw that opted that stay anonymous in order to stay safe from the black and yellow stable. Long after the Nexus was even considered a threat, however, the authority figure had no intentions of ever revealing himself.

    Towards the beginning, numerous hints were dropped that it could be an illustrious legend such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, or even The Rock. Reports speculated that it could be names such as Triple H, Abraham Washington, Stephanie McMahon, Michael Cole, Kevin Nash, or even Mr. McMahon himself, but not even any of those candidates were strongly considered enough to become the person behind the computer.

    When Triple H returned this past July to be named the new COO of the WWE, not another iPhone-like ringing was ever heard out of that laptop again. It was continued to be set-up at ringside for a brief period of time, but nothing ever came out of it.

    If WWE could have at least had the Game terminate the GM from his position, I probably wouldn't have been as frustrated, but simply not tying up loose ends is not only sloppy but insults the intelligence of numerous fans who believed we'd witness a pay-off at some point.


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    This angle, in conjunction with the other 24 mentioned on this lengthy list, is just a prime example of why hot-shot booking by Creative just won't cut it anymore, causing for them to be named some of the biggest epic failures in 2011.

    Don't agree with something on the list? Think another angle is worthy of being added?

    Feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts and overall criticism of the presentation, as your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and have a happy new year!

    GSM out.

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