WWE: Why Sin Cara's Career Is Destined To Be a Failure

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2011

Sin Cara
Sin Cara

At the dawn of 2011, one of the most anticipated stories of the year was WWE COO Triple H signing the Mexican sensation known as Mistico to a lucrative contract. This was the first signing since Triple H took power in the company.

During the month of March, WWE began to air unique vignettes hyping the anticipated debut of Mistico, who was repackaged under the name Sin Cara. Upon his arrival on Raw following WrestleMania 27, we were treated with a lackluster match between Sin Cara and Primo—a bout that featured several botched spots that did not come off well on television.

Various reports following the horrendous performance stated that officials backstage were joking how Sin Cara wouldn't last long, and Vince McMahon would certainly not be pleased. Soon after, Creative opted the move for Sin Cara to be drafted to SmackDown with the benefit of the show being taped.

Although he delivered quality performances with Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger in his first few weeks as a SmackDown member, his stock took a turn for the worse during his feud with Chavo Guerrero—who is also of Mexican decent and had a better chance of communicating in the ring with Cara as opposed to some other superstars.

At Over the Limit, Sin Cara and Guerrero delivered a uninspiring match that did not live up to many expectations. The same could be said for their rematch on the following SmackDown, which would be the Mexican Warrior's final appearance on the blue brand before quitting the company a month later.

With no definite rivalry in place for Sin Cara at the time, he continued to bounce around as a mid-card act before having his undefeated streak come to an abrupt end—due to a loss to Christian in early July.

Not too shortly afterwards, Sin Cara would become the first wrestler on the roster to be suspended in 2011 after testing positive for something he wasn't even aware of.

After his character was brought back in the form of Hunico in early August, all hope seemed lost for the Mexican sensation as his unexpected removal from the roster made the man who signed him in the first place, Triple H, look beyond bad.

However, Mistico was eventually allowed to return in September to begin a feud with Hunico in a battle of the two masked men—another Sin Cara feud that once again did not live up to the standards that officials backstage had hoped for. Hunico's true identity would eventually reveal himself under the mask in late October, but it couldn't save the damage already done to the Sin Cara character.

Ironically enough, Sin Cara would suffer a major injury following an awkward landing from an outside dive during the five-on-five elimination tag team match at the Survivor Series.

It was later revealed via WWE.com that Sin Cara would be absent from action from anywhere from six to nine months, effectively leaving him off of the WrestleMania 28 card.

Originally, there were plans in place to deliver the highly anticipated match since Mistico's arrival in the company between Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 28, but with both high-fliers out with respective injuries at the moment, the chances of seeing it coming to fruition anytime soon are extremely slim.

While his in-ring leaves a lot left to be desired, it's primarily due to the fact he quite simply doesn't know much English.

He holds the potential to provide exciting matches as seen in past bouts with Evan Bourne and Ted DiBiase, but if fellow Latinos such as Chavo Guerrero and Hunico can't pull a half-decent match out of him, then I can't imagine an injury-prone Rey Mysterio would be any different.

With all that being said, he still manages to hold a job in WWE since Vince sees potential in his mask merchandise sales, and an eventual replacement for Mysterio when he hangs up his boots in upcoming years. Seeing how Sin Cara will never be featured in a prominent rivalry due to his lack of mic skills and charisma, expect him to maintain his position as nothing more than an opening act for the rest of his tenure in WWE.

Despite the fact that the Game signed him, Triple H has to realize at this point that the entire Sin Cara character has done more harm than good in the past year. Keeping him around will only further damage Triple H's image. He will be remembered for hiring a Superstar who has been suspended and injured so early in his career. 

If nothing else, the only words that come to mind when thinking over Sin Cara's past year with the company are epic failure. Hopefully, the same won't be said when he eventually returns from injury in 2012, but his future in WWE looks grim regardless.

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