Sport on Film: The Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time

JROCK DusomeCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

The other day I was watching a television show called "How I Met Your Mother." It is a very funny show with every episode tending to be very entertaining.

However, it wasn't the humor that caught me in this one particular episode, it was a discussion about the film "Field of Dreams" where the lead male characters broke into tears just discussing some of the emotional scenes.

The women however did not understand, as they felt the movie to be completely boring and stupid, with one even admitting to having never finished it, as she fell asleep half way through.

This particular scene got me to thinking about the movie in question as well, and this branched off into a discussion with some of my friends about the greatest sports movies of all time.

We didn't completely agree with each other, but that is part of the wonder of the genre, there are so many sports films to choose from, everyone can have their own list of favorites. I decided to share my Top 10 Sports Movies of all time with the Bleacher Report readers today.


10. The Sandlot (1993)

The Sandlot is one of those movies that a child cannot afford to miss out on. Although one might argue that the film has more to do with childhood during the 1960s, it is easy to see that baseball is the central idea from which this theme is explored from.

The film is the story of a group of kids playing baseball on an empty neighborhood lot, and the misadventures they get into as a result. This has remained one of my favorite movies, and I still continue to watch it often, and enjoy it just as much now as I did when I was young.


9. Remember the Titans (2000)

The first time I saw this movie, I knew right away that it would go down as one of the greatest sports movies in history. This film captures the events surrounding a newly racially integrated football team, and the struggles they encounter as a result of this.

The most lasting memory I will have of this film will be Denzel Washington's portrayal of Coach Herman Boone, which was nothing short of magnificent. This movie truly deserve to hold a spot of on this list, as it uses sports to tackle a much larger issue, racial equality.


8. Bull Durham (1988)

This movie is continually viewed by many publications, including Sports Illustrated as the greatest sports movie of all time, however for me personally, this is not the case. Saying this, the movie is still fantastic and certainly belongs in my Top 10 Sports Movies of all Time.

This film is the story of the minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls. The movie features Kevin Costner as veteran pitcher "Crash" Davis, Tim Robbins as rookie pitcher "Nuke" LaLoosh, and Susan Sarandon as baseball groupie Annie Savoy.

The movie is a hilarious comedy, as well as an all around great sports movie, and with the wonderful cast, it is easy to see why it made this list.


7. The Bad News Bears (1976)

The Bad News Bears is a classic film, similar to the Sandlot as in its a baseball movie with children being the featured characters, however this movie is much more hilarious than The Sandlot could ever be.

Starring Walter Matthau as alcoholic coach Morris Buttermaker, an ex-pro baseball player, the film is extremely vulgar, and has almost a black-comedy feel to it.

Truly, this film is an excellent representation of a rags-to-riches story, following the increased success of the Bears baseball team.


6. Major League (1989)

Major League, in my opinion, is probably the funniest movie on this list. The film chronicles the Cleveland Indians and their attempt to make the playoffs, regardless of the fact that their owner has traded off all of their top talent, and she is hell-bent on ruining the team so she can relocate the franchise to Florida.


The movie features Tom Berenger as veteran catcher Jake Taylor; and Charlie Sheen as rookie pitcher Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, among others.


The film truly is hilarious, with Bob Uecker, playing the broadcaster Harry Doyle, delivering many one-liners that stick with you long after the film is over. Indeed, this movie belongs on this list, as well as many others.




5. Pride of the Yankees (1942)


Pride of the Yankees is a biographical film directed by Sam Wood about the New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig, who had his career cut short at 36 years of age when he was stricken with the fatal disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, more commonly known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease").

The movie was released the year after Gehrig's death. It starred Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig. Yankee teammates Babe Ruth, Bob Muesel, Mark Koenig and Bill Dickey played themselves, as did sportscaster Bill Stern.

This movie truly is excellent, and certainly is one of many movies that must be seen during your life at some point.


4. Miracle (2004)

The 1980 Miracle on Ice truly was one of the best moments in the history of sport as a whole, and the 2004 movie representation lives up to the reputation of its namesake, as it truly is an amazing movie.

With Kurt Russell starring as Head Coach Herb Brooks, the film is great, even if you're not a hockey fan, or even a sports fan. Adding to the legend of the movie, Herb Brooks passed away before the movie's completion, and it is dedicated in his honor, as he was one of the greatest hockey coaches to have ever lived. This one is certainly a must-see.


3. Rocky (1976)

This movie is a favorite of a lot of people, and among sports fans it is a legend. Sylvester Stalone's film about a boxer from Philadelphia won the Oscar in 1976 for Best Picture, and it was truly deserving of such an honor.

Indeed, the movie would go on to spawn 5 sequels, with all of them being at least somewhat successful. Stallone was magical as Rocky Balboa, and with Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed, how can you go wrong with this flick?


2. Slap Shot (1977)

In my opinion, this is the greatest hockey movie ever made, and to be a hockey player and not have seen this movie is a travesty. With it being just as funny as any movie on this list, as well as having lots of great hits and fights, this movie belongs in its spot near the top of this list.

Paul Newman stars as Reggie Dunlop, the player/coach of the fictitious Charlestown Chiefs. The film also features the Hanson Brothers, who became instant celebrities in the hockey world after this film. As a hockey player myself, this is truly one of my favorite movies of all time, not just a favorite sport movie.


1. Field of Dreams (1989)

There are going to be many people that argue with me over my picking Field of Dreams as the greatest sports movie of all time, and that's fine, that's what the discussion page is for. But since this my list, I will obviously put my favorite sports movie in the No. 1 position, and as you can see, that honor goes to Field of Dreams.

This movie is my favorite movie of all time, and it rightfully deserves that spot. While being a sports movie, it also is so much more, being a tear-jerking story about a father and a son.

Kevin Costner portrays Ray Kinsella, a man who hears voices telling him to build a baseball field out in his corn crop so his favorite baseball player, Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta), can come back and play baseball again from beyond the grave.

Featuring other actors such as Amy Madigan and James Earl Jones, this movie is a must see for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.

So there you have it. The Top 10 Sports Movies of all time. Like I said above, there are going to be those who disagree with me, that is expected of course.

So instead of posting negative comments about my list, why don't you post your own Top 10 lists in the comment's sections, that way the list can grow to more than just my own article. As well, for another list of top Sports films, check out and their Best Sports Movies of All Time.






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