NHL Video: Mike Milbury Shoe Incident and the Top 13 Angry Hockey Moments

April WeinerCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

NHL Video: Mike Milbury Shoe Incident and the Top 13 Angry Hockey Moments

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    We've watched NHL coaches have temper tantrums and let their rage get the best of them for years now (and here.) We've seen some general managers throw fits too.

    Now, it's time to see that players sometimes do the same. 

    People argue that hockey is such a violent sport and it breeds violence.

    It is an aggressive sport, but typically players behave themselves and keep their aggression to legal or fairly legal outlets, like dropping the gloves and going at it.

    However, others can't always control their rage and take it out in creative, and often wrong, ways. 

13. Rick Rypien Goes After a Fan

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    Rick Rypien gets tangled up with the Minnesota Wild on the ice and is sent to the dressing room.

    On his way to the dressing room though, Rypien gets off-track and is ready to fight a Wild fan.

    That's never a good idea, Rick. You have to just let what other people say roll off of you; brush your shoulder off and continue on your merry way.

12. Steve Downie Attacks Teammate During Practice

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    During a Peterborough Petes practice, future NHLer Steve Downie attacks his teammate Akim Aliu.

    Allegedly, the fight was over a hazing ritual. Downie was suspended five games for the incident.

    Downie has a history of anger issues; he could really use some anger management. Or, just take three deep breaths, Steve.

11. Shawn Antoski Versus Steve Martinson in the Penalty Box

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    Shawn Antoski was hit and he is steaming. Antoski is so angry that once he's in the penalty box, he seizes the opportunity to discuss the incident with Steve Martinson.

    The discussion goes so well that Antoski invites himself over to Martinson's penalty box.

    And that move causes a penalty box brawl.

10. Patrick Roy's Last Game in Montreal

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    One of the best goaltenders ever was Patrick Roy. In spite of that, Roy had his share of bad games.

    One such game was against the Detroit Red Wings; a game where he gave up nine goals.

    Roy was unhappy that he was left in the net despite his poor performance and as he walks off tells Montreal Canadiens president Rejean Houle that it's his last game in Montreal.

    Roy was then traded.

9. Kip Brennan Fights Fan

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    While incidents between fans and players in the penalty box are few and far between, there have been some; one such incident is between Kip Brennan and a fan.

    Brennan manages to fight the fan through the box and tears the fan's shirt.

8. Ray Emery Fights Russian Trainer

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    Obviously, we can't tell what this fight is about, but Ray Emery is clearly displeased with his trainer in the KHL.

    He's so displeased that he goes after his trainer.

    A longer clip would show that after being separated, Emery goes after the trainer again. He really wanted a piece of him.

7. Doug Gilmour Slams and Breaks Penalty Box Glass

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    Doug Gilmour is sent to the penalty box and he's not happy about it.

    He slams the door to the penalty box shut, but he slams it so hard that the glass of the door and the walls shatter.

    This is why you shouldn't slam a glass door, particularly angrily.

6. Lapointe Breaks Camera in Penalty Box

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    (:40 mark of the video)

    There's a camera in the penalty box and as the video shows, many players over the years have given the camera extra attention while in the box.

    Lapointe takes it to the next level though.

    He continuously slams his stick against the camera to break it and then make sure it's really broken.

5. Tuuka Rask Upset After Shootout Loss

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    A Providence Bruins game goes into shootout. Two shots are called goals and Tuuka Rask disagrees with the calls.

    He's so upset that he slams his stick against the net, then goes over and slams it against the glass. 

    When he's done and leaves the ice, you think he's done, then a crate comes flying over out onto the ice as his grand finale.

4. Rob Ray Versus the Fan

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    There's not many things that can stop two players in the middle of a fight (besides a linesman), but a fan coming out onto the ice and going over to the bench apparently will.

    The fan learns his lesson, as he promptly receives a beating from Rob Ray.

3. Tie Domi Fights a Fan

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    Tie Domi did a lot of things in his career, but what he might be most remembered for is when he fought the Philadelphia Flyers fan in the penalty box.

    Domi is in the box, with fans yelling at him.

    He sprays his water bottle at the fans and the fan is clamoring to get to Domi. The glass gives and the fan falls into the box.

    He wanted access to Domi and he got it, plus a fight with him. 

2. Curtis Joseph Goes After Official

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    Curtis Joseph is upset with a goal and he goes after the ref.

    They don't call him Cujo for nothing...although I bet you thought it was because the first two letters of his first name are Cu and the first two of his last name are Jo; not because he's ferocious.

1. Mike Milbury Goes into the Stands

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    No matter what Mike Milbury did or does the rest of his career, he'll always be remembered for "the shoe" incident.

    Many Boston Bruins go into the stands at the end of a Bruins-New York Rangers game, after Rangers fans.

    Milbury is one of them and at one point, takes off one fan's shoe and hits him with it.

    And so the shoe will live on in infamy.