NHL: Is Steve Ott Crying for Justice, Or Is He Just Crying?

John PhenAnalyst IIIMarch 16, 2011

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 09:  Left wing Steve Ott #29 of the Dallas Stars celebrates his goal against the Phoenix Coyotes at American Airlines Center on February 9, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the San Jose Sharks-Dallas Stars matchup Tuesday night, Steve Ott took to the soapbox and bemoaned the “dirty” play from various Sharks.

After deliberately trying to injure Logan Couture earlier in the year, Ott took exception to a pair of Douglas Murray hits and a cheap shot from Dany Heatley.

Ott made the mistake of taking on the big Swede shortly thereafter and received misconduct, instigator and fighting penalties.

With the GM Meetings taking place in Florida, the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty and the increased focus on headshots in general must have struck a nerve with the Stars winger.

Ott got directly to the point, saying that "[NHL disciplinarian] Colin Campbell's got his hands full.”

Ott also immediately dismissed any thought that Douglas Murray’s hits were clean. "He knew what he was doing," Ott said about the Sharks defenceman.  

“He's bearing down and finishing the check. He did it again on an offensive play against [Tomas] Vincour; elbowed him right in the face.” 

The hit on Loui Eriksson may fall under the umbrella of Rule 48.1 because Murray was finishing his check after Eriksson had chipped the puck ahead.

"That's one that they'll have to look at and I am sure that they will," Dallas coach Marc Crawford said of the hit on Eriksson. "We're hopeful that Loui is going to be all right. He's not feeling good right now and we'll see where he is at tomorrow."

Eriksson is third on the team in scoring and left the game, clearly shaken.

"It was a 50-50 puck," said Murray. "He pokes it by me and he's getting a breakaway on me. As far as I remember the situation, I'm playing the puck and the body at the same time. You never try to hurt a guy. It's unfortunate."

While Dany Heatley’s cheap shot was definitely a dirty one and deserves a suspension, it looked more like a glancing blow than something serious.

Heatley's interference penalty late in the third happened with the Sharks clinging to a one-goal lead, and the NHL should take action. 

In a game with some shoddy officiating, Niclas Wallin got checked from behind on what should have been an obvious boarding call and left the game shortly thereafter.

Steve Ott—despite his obviously hypocritical history—does have a point, and it’s quickly becoming the headline for this hockey season.

"When you're used to being on the other end and being suspended like I've been, it's pretty evident where this stuff should go."

Ott is no stranger to situations like this. His career is filled with questionable and dirty plays, but his words added to the collective voice of NHL players that want something done.

"If this doesn't get looked at, I don't know. I guess when you're used to being on the other end and being suspended in the past, I think it's pretty evident where this stuff should go in a hurry."

And I was right along with him, until he unleashed this line: "I don't care if Heatley makes $10 million or Murray makes less; it's time to get this out of the game as fast as we can."

Steve Ott? Calling to clean up the game of hockey? Classic.

What do you think? Does Ott have a point? Or should he stop crying?