Colorado Eagles Video: Watch CHL Coach Lose His Mind and His Clothes

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We've got a Colorado Eagles video on tap for you today after one of the CHL team's assistant coaches took an interesting stance in opposition to a referee's action on the ice.

With four-and-a-half minutes gone in the third period, multiple fights broke out across the ice, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Assistant coach Greg Pankewicz cheered his team on by banging a stick on the wall.

Then Eagles player Joe Grimaldi targeted a Mississippi player in the scuffle but never reached him, thanks to linesman Chris Wilson.

Wilson grabbed Grimaldi and took him to the ice, prompting a furious reaction from Pankewicz, who was essentially given the brush-off by the official.

But Pankewicz would not be ignored. He yanked his tie off and fired it at the official, who still seemed oblivious to the assistant coach's protests.

So Pankewicz peeled off his jacket and whipped it onto the ice too. That was followed by his shirt.

By this point, the referee had noticed that the assistant might have a screw or two loose, so he came over to talk him down, but to no avail.

Now standing on the bench, Pankewicz peeled off his t-shirt, causing the crowd to go into hysterics, and then kicked his loafers onto the ice. Players brought the coach his clothes back, but he refused them, telling them to leave them on the ice for the refs to pick up.

Shockingly, he was then ejected from the game and was sent out without his clothes having been returned.

The Eagles wound up with a 5-1 win over the RiverKings, but thanks to Pankewicz and his interesting wardrobe decisions, we're left with one of the greatest meltdowns in coaching history.

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