Monday Morning Musings with Me, the Big E: Burke Talk and Previewing the Week

Eric WarrenCorrespondent IIJanuary 10, 2011

Is there fire where there's smoke?
Is there fire where there's smoke?Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

A busy week for the unpredictable Toronto Maple Leafs starts today in Los Angeles against the Kings who had an impressive December, but are just 1-3 to start the new year so far.

The Kings will entertain a Toronto Maple Leaf squad tonight that has won three of their last four games and scored 21 goals in the process.

The Kings and Leafs seem to be going in opposite directions as of late with Toronto on the up swing and the Kings winning just one out of their last six.

However, unlike the Leafs, the Kings are holding down the eighth and final playoff spot in the West while the Leafs are still 13 points out.

While it may prove difficult for the Leafs to go four-for-four in back to back games, especially so close together, the team faces LA and San Jose Monday and Tuesday, Phoenix Thursday and then the Calgary Flames on Saturday.

These are four winnable games, especially for an offense that looks as though it is finding it's groove.

Add to that the new comer between the pipes, James Reimer, who has looked very good posting a .947 goals against average in his four starts so far this season and will definitely get at least one start during this stretch of four games in six nights for the Leafs.

The gap is not insurmountable by any means, however. A four game winning streak and the team is right back in the thick of things.

While the torrid scoring pace of the Leafs may not be likely to continue, there isn't any reason for it to just die off either.

If the defensive corps can manage to start scoring on a semi regular basis, the Leafs could start going places, just look at what has happened in the past few games when they've just been putting forth a solid effort in that department.

As Leafs commentator Mike Ulmer recently pointed out, it can be difficult to take the whole "on pace for" idea seriously, however, in spite of Mr. Ulmer's objections, that toll can be if nothing else a source of hope and even pride to the fan of a team who is on pace for a date with a caddy.

For example, the line of Kulemin, Grabovski and MacArthur is on pace to have 79 goals, 102 assists and a total of 191 points.

The line of Kessel Bozak and Versteeg is on pace to score 71 goals, 79 assists and a grand total of 151 points.

With those numbers in mind, trade rumors just won't go away surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs. The strange thing is, there are none per se, just the the idea of them.

Have I lost you yet?

What I mean is, the fact that there are trade rumors surrounding the team is everywhere yet everywhere I look I can't actually find any...

Brian Burke has recently been quoted as saying "this is not out of friendship or blind loyalty, the team still plays for him" in regard to the lack of discussion regarding Ron Wilson's fate as the bench boss of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He's right, the question was never really whether the team played for him, ok it was for about a week. The question was usually whether he knew how to coach and motivate this team.