Washington Capitals: The Greatest Quote Ever Uttered in Professional Sports

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJanuary 3, 2011

Oh Captain my Captain.
Oh Captain my Captain.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Before the puck dropped on Saturday, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (who showed the game in Canada) ran a piece on the growing rivalry between Washington Capital Alexander Ovechkin and Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby.

Both players were interviewed separately and asked if they every thought they'd consider each other friends.

Both gave the usual "I respect him as a player" jargon we fans are used to hearing, but Ovi went a step further in his comment.

"We play for different teams and different cities."

At first the quote doesn't seem like much because well they do play for different teams in different cities.

But look at it again: Ovi says for different teams and different cities.  He could have easily said "for different teams in different cites."

Now I could be reading way too much into the quote, but to me it seems like Ovechkin doesn't play in Washington D.C., but plays for Washington D.C.

Like how during the Olympics he plays for Russia.

Now, if Ovi did mean that he plays for Washington, that still might not mean a whole heck of a lot to you, but it does to me.

In this modern era of sports, Washington Redskin John Riggins said it best when he compared professional athletes to mercenaries.

With that mentality, it would seem that the player was playing strictly for the money and his location was an after thought.

With Ovechkin saying (or at least hinting) that he plays for Washington makes him all the more believable when after a bad game he says he feels bad for letting the fans down.

It creates a selflessness not often seen in sports, let alone society anymore.

So maybe I'm reading more into the quote than Ovi intended on, but the mere thought of Ovi playing for all of us fans—and not just a paycheck—makes me smile.

And after the dismal season the Skins just had, it's nice to smile on a Monday morning.

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