Why I Don't Watch Hockey

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Why I Don't Watch Hockey
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First, take notice I didn’t say, “Why I don’t LIKE Hockey.”

Next, think about me and understand I am from Chicago and I watch sports more than anyone you know, and there is a definite possibility that I watch more sports than anyone in the world. I mean, I literally get paid to watch sports.

I watch every single MLB game, and I don’t go to bed until I watch the highlights on Baseball Tonight or on MLB Network.

I do the same with hoops AKA the best sport in the world.

I watch every single NBA game that is broadcast on national television, and make sure I watch all the highlights before I got to bed. Even T’Wolves vs Warriors highlights! Sorry, I am a huge fan of Monta Ellis and Kevin Love. (Thank God I don’t have the money to buy the MLB/NBA package because you would never see your boy!)

Oh by the way, I watch college hoops religiously because I am a huge NBA Draft fan (SUPER DORK ALERT!) and catch all those highlights, too.

So that is every single MLB game, every single NBA/NCAAB game, plus all the NFL games, and plenty of NCAAF games. I also enjoy watching championship tennis, a little golf, the Olympics, some World Cup, and oh yeah, I also like to have a social life.

I also like girls, I like talking to them, and I’m not going to score my dream dime piece talking sports, so I do have other interests other than sports. Like being super cool

I like movies and I like watching them. I love rap music and I love listening to it, so I am sorry, but I do not have time to watch Hockey, a sport played by white Canadian men, not exactly the most athletic or charismatic people in the world. 

I like any sport that involves ball/puck movement, I love the different kinds of strategies involved in each sport, and by the way I knew Kaners’ goal was in. I don’t hate Hockey, I just don’t have time for it, and if you want to blame someone, blame LeBron James, Bar Refaeli, and Souljaboy.

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